Sunday, May 18, 2008

video response.

It is clear that The Rusty Nail is a fuckhead who would reward her kids with a fucking Playstation if they shot up a high school. The same goes with Susan Tayler who I think she would actually reward her kids if they did an Ok City bombing. This might be a very shocking response to some people, in fact when I compared what The Rusty Nail was doing to four authors including myself with what that myspace mother did -- it isn't too far off. Especially when some cocksucker did a violated copyright of Tabloid Purposes V's cover when I didn't even design the cover yet. You assholes who post on Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandomwank need to take your heads out of your collective asses.
     IF you don't like what I say fine, just don't go around stifling every damn thing I do. As in creating a blog devoted to trying to make me fail at things, when you're all what thirty to fifty somethings. Just don't go harassing the people who buy my book and like the project. You bastards who go around stifling my publications or burning my books, don't you think that is rather fucking um what's the term I am looking for here? Help me out, UnFUCKINGprofessional -- I am chiming in on the "Reverend's" post here too and calling the people who chime in blasting on piss bloggers nitwits when that is the worst thing someone can say. Well I might not allow blog comments directly but if you got something to say to me there is a comment area at the very bottom of the blog, just scroll down. It isn't brain surgery. For the fuckstain who calls himself AL_Kilyu, mother fucker has no fucking life except beating off to kiddie fag porn.
     The asshole looks like he has nothing better to do than to make fake covers of my books and doctor up pictures from the real pictures holding the actual book that I was featured in instead they make something so innocent into something perverse. I guess when I make that observation about Koehler I will also ask if her brother whored her out to pay for his Delorean. But people like Rusty Nail and Expose The Tard would reward their kids for blowing up their school if they were given the chance.
     I guess drug addict from MA is also chiming in on the fact that I do have a few people who are e-mailing me because they do have some actual respect for what I do. The crack smoking bitch needs to really get a life. I really think she still has a Meth needle in her veins for that matter. If it isn't one douchebag it's another, and the biggest douchebag seems like his occupation is to be a 9-5 douchebag who I think doesn't live on his own either. It seems like the douchebags come out in full force when they know I got a Tabloid Purposes planned or when I am trying to get my magazine off the ground. They must think, quick, quick, let's come up with a fake cover and load it somewhere thinking everyone will be convinced that it would be the official cover. Let's create a fake version of the anthology on and a fake profile of both him and his publishing company on These are the same people who get off on writing real person fag stories between me and some popstar from Chicago who I don't give two fucks about.
     The more publishing credits I attain the more they will do this just to see what they can do to fucking ruin the man with a mental illness. Keep giving yourselves more fuel to hang yourselves with. I am always going to have a line up of some form. The fact that Mike Brennan likes to stifle everything I do no matter where I will sell a story at. The fact they are doing this all the more to make sure I get even more distracted from writing the three manuscripts I have going and blowing the dust of another one somewhere around. Does it make you feel like a man knowing you ruined sales of a book written by someone who does have a mental illness. The very grasp of the book you went over all your heads and can't read between the lines about it. Especially you Koehler, did you even spend the money and get the book or did you pirate the fucking thing? Did you pirate it -- I want to hear you jump on video and say you did pirate it. Lincoln keep in mind you fought for the right of me to say fuck off to you, as much as I have a lot of respect of men and women in uniform you are just a flat out dick. In other words drop and give me 300, Private Gomer Pyle.
     If I stayed in the service or would be in the Army for that matter I would have cycled the shit out of you. Watching you self-destruct would be the thing that will be my best revenge there. Calling me a douche, you eat shit fucker. But going back to above here, the fact that the other dark place act like I am below them but in truth they are shit at the bottom of my shoe. Lincoln who's your fucking girlfriend, that bastard who they found at a bar in TN? (I will go into the faggot bashing later.)
     As for Ben McCullan, did you treat my step-cousins like shit? I am guessing you treated everyone like shit when you were a teenager and you're nothing but a loser now who had done nothing creative with their life. So you bash everyone who is just working their way up the ladder in the small press as I am just trying to sell a few books and stories. Not even you will let that happen you bitch. I guess you all get off on pirating my books and stifling everything I've done, I guess I can say well fuck you too.