Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another angry rant.

Leave it to the Other Dark Place to take everything out of context again and the fuckstain, ExposeTheFucktard to rape every copyright I have. I am addressing Ray Garton here and you're going to hate me all the more for this one, but you're giving the mass market a bad name. I got another video rant coming you assholes, and I guess you think I shouldn't even have a video camera now. Susan Tayler (the cunt) decided to jump on video and try to ruin my name once again with that fucking book of hers. I jumped on video with two promos for An Eye In Shadows. One being a little more sarcastic than the other. Look you assholes, I am trying to get three manuscripts done but you like to take your time and ruin my fucking focus. JB shut the fuck up, what if that was your wife they were fucking up if she was working on a manuscript. Taking her books and lighting them on fire for example. It shows your morals are down the shitter too.