Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chiming in on the Myspace Mom

What sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and The Rusty Nail are doing are the same fucking thing as what this "Myspace Mom" did in contributing to a young woman's suicide. Especially when one jerkhole would go around writing the malicious real person fic stories about me trying to pass me off as some fag when I am not a fag. It also goes back to the assholes who freely rip my artwork and back blogs violating every copyright I have too. I am also ripping Ben McCullan a new one here too and yes this asshole is also guilty of this too because he's the type of person who'd create a fake profile to bully a teenager too.
    When lies are passed off as fact, and I am putting assholes like Peter Barnes on spot here too for it. The fact here I am just tryring to get stories published and did get stories published, fucks like PEter Barnes had actively harassed the magazines who published my work. Another example here is an asshole named WilliamDoItTheSecond aka Scott The Shit Pot. The printed out photo of my Gothicfest signing in 2005 and a printed out cover of Tabloid Purposes 3 being tossed into a urinal then pissed on. Then they had the nerve to throw it up on youtube. Now the same asshole or friends of the same asshole are impersonating me with a fake profile of my publishing company and my real name you can tell the real from the fake because they used a capitol I for their L and this is a trick they used with Xanga back in 2005-2006.
    I didn't fool me but it might fool a few people because the extent some people will go to create a hoax account to make someone look bad. The Rusty Nail is behind the fake domain, and the bitch created a myspace expansion of the account thinking she would hook me in but she's just another fuckstain who has too much time on her hands and the money to do that kind of shit to fuck with someone. Same goes with the cunts from Danbury, CT, who went around as TheTruthAboutNick posting my phone number one number at a time.
    What am I saying when I am saying this, assholes like this are everywhere. One actually went too damn far and finally there's a name to one of the people who actually did this to another person. The way they act is might as well be the ones who rammed the planes into the World Trade Center or planted the bombs on the commuter trains over in Spain. They are equal to the Al Queda in that sense of the word. Then the cunt from Danbury created the infamous forum, The Other Dark Place. You're calling yourselves innoncent when you corner me on different forums when I announce a submission call for a magazine or an anthology, you fuckers been doing this for nearly three fucking years. Some of you pissed away your common sense and you're "adults." (Ahem Stupid Free, fuckyoulist, and SF_Drama, I am talking to all of you asshols here.) You assholes are wishing I never got a video camera now, but one of my publishers asked me when I would get a camera now I finally got the thing. It would be my weapon in taking all of you down.
    There are a shit load of pissbloggers out there, and a lot of them are starting to come to Xanga and Blogspot. My non-fiction book and my camera are my weapons to get the truth out there about these kind of people, and the question is -- were people like this brought up to be knobsuckers? Or were they dropped on the head when they were babies, but I am thinking The Rusty Nail, Expose The Tard, and Benny-fag were all shaken when they were babies or in Benny-fag's case he was eating one too many paint chips. I think the fucker been eating paint chips while he was going to St. Charles too. I have figured out who pirated my book too, the asshole went on as R and payed the $16.00 that I did charge for the e-book then the asshole passed it around to everyone in the circles of ExposeTheTard, Benny-fag, The Other Dark Place, and other circles who freely think piracy is the wave of the future. Piracy of books also equal to the shit that people do with this 13 year old girl too, it wouldn't cross my mind that the same people who went around doing the things they did to this girl would go around doing piracy rings too.
    I wonder where Koehler's older brother got the money for his Delorean, I know he was prostituting his sister in one of the mountain's read light districts. I guess the red flagging my company by P&E came from that too, I guess the fucker needs to take his head out of his ass to realize what is going on here. Bunch of morally bankrupted assholes who made the industry as their little plaything when I refused to play by their rules they decided to do this media blackout even doing the very same thing this Myspace Mom had done. I guess the pigfucker is also going to the same extent as this too to come up with the bullshit lie that I threatened his family. Even my radical insults been put into scrutiny too and the pissblogger behind them, goes as far as threatening to e-mail every publisher to run my work. I am no means a racist just that I was pushed too far on a particular day. I am not a racist just have a real contempt for cuban coyotes who come into this country putting Blue Blooded Americans out of work. I am even using this to address the message boards that used threads and various pages on the threads to make me look like some kind of fucking criminal too. You fucks have no real morals, Lincoln you are just as guilty as the bitch who egged the girl to go kill themselves. I was brought up never ot hit a lady, but I would think nothing of having Susan Taylor locked away for the shit she's done to my family. I was actually tempted to do an anonymous phone call to have her kids taken away from her. I am pointing to this thread in referrence. Bennet, you fucking asshole -- what kind of example are you setting for your students that's fine to do the same thing that fucked up lady did.
    Just die already you fucking assholes. It is book burning sack of shits like this that piss me off the worst the fact that they came up with the hoax about the tin foil, no I didn't even buy into it either. I didn't publish the stories on a particular cunt's website either. I should have guessed that was some of those cunt's pranks too.