Monday, May 5, 2008

Pacione vs. Preditors & Editors

Fuck You!

P&E is not impressed with their editor's recent behavior toward writers.

It is safe to say that the owner of Preditors & Editors is on a rampage right now because of my e-mail statements made towards him. I am going to present this in a public setting and ask him this question. Does he think seeing my books get burned on is funny? If he does that would really fuck his case up and the person who is sueing him, more power to her on that one. I want him to address his sources for the letters he received. I know that he's getting them from the son of a bitches who have done the most damage to my company.
     If anyone did the most damage to Lake Fossil Press in the past two years is this asshole. Another Realm isn't exactly a good source for fiction either. I really do think he takes bribes from Leisure Books and other places not to really give people who give the backbone to the horror genre and those are the authors who put everything out themselves. The fucker on there is another McKeeman, and believe me people like McKeeman won't last in this business. I think people like him... need to take his head so far out of his ass right now because all he smells is shit.
     One of those holy soldiers with Nazi looks because he may as well been the asshole holding the match that set torch to the second Tabloid Purposes. I was biding my time with this asshole, just waiting for the right timing to say what I am going to say. I am rooting on the person who is sueing them and for my sake I hope she wins. He's only printing half the story there and won't let me tell my side of it. The hostility towards writers is toward the naysayers and one of those naysayers happens to be a local faggot who works at Rush University Hospital. The fucker lamblasted my work while I was in the hospital and that I asked the loser if he had AIDS yet.
     Two words -- Fuck You. I saw that ExposeTheTard is having her fun, and she can go fuck herself for that matter. I wonder if she gets sexual favors from Preditors & Editors. Maybe if Preditors & Editors didn't red flag me when he did I might have a little more successful deal as a small press, but fucks like him are just a setback. The Rusty Nail likes to document my every fail but looks like I am about to document some of hers. It also looks like the piss blogging exploits of Sf_Drama on livejournal are being known once again, and some shitty twat personality is trying to ride on the coat tails of this too. I can see this being something that will make my life online a living hell, and my writing life too will either go two ways. But I am not going to let something like this distract me. I should do something with that pic to game to show them what it feels like to be on the receiving end. It seems like the Hilter Youth is alive and well in the United States, and they are practicing their bullshit again on I will ask this question to the owner of Preditors & Editors, does he actually support book burning? I think this bitch supports book burning in any form, especially when my work is involved -- Nazi Cunt guised as a Goth.
     Fucks like this can spend the rest of their lives in prison eating ground glass because that's what they do to people who do acts of Nazism. I wonder if the owner of Preditors & Editors did one too many lines of coccaine to realize that I am not the bad guy here, just what I say been twisted around to make me look like a villian when people will be quicker to believe a site like Encyclopedia Dramatica than something I would say out right.