Sunday, December 11, 2011

updated blog locations

These are the updated journals as this blog gets updated, I prove that the one person who is doing those so called magazine covers of "Unicorn Man" -- I did a web search and proved he didn't do the pictures that were in the cover. Clearing my pen name from being a fag in other words. They want to try to convince the world until they're blue in the face that I don't run Lake Fossil Press I just proved holes in a few of their stories. I got one of their covers taken down from another website for copyright violation of my novel. The one known as Thomas M. has a mindset similar to child molester with his obsession with my company and he's got an unhealthy fascination with fire. Making him a socialpathic type who goes around trying to get people to believe his delusions.
      The two webjournals have different things updated with them -- one of them is a full time weblog where I post video on there. This journal has video too but it is one of those that will be more explicit with the language and this one is one that is designated as adult content because of the language within the digital page. So with that I give you the journals themselves. The InsaneJournal will have brand new video postings I did earlier today. I did a video version of my Editor's Lounge. I use as my video blog because of it's media embed feature. I did this with the Goth community on towards the end. I should have been a little more careful with the video there because some got pissed off because I exposed them on video.
      Psyche of a Bipolar has a feed on this blog so you can see the updates on the side here too. I have the guidelines in the journal archive. I am writing out the guidelines so I can distribute them on college campuses in the DuPage County and Joliet areaa, especially with Issue 15 and 14 in mind. I am planning to take submissions for both isses at the same time. I am looking to make Issue 14 about 180 pages pending on the novella submissions for the issue and the ratio to short stories. They want to do the illusion that my magazine is imaginary or call it insulting names with the vandalism so people don't submit to the magazine. They are trying to strangle me into folding but that is going to backfire when I get the e-mail back about the owners of the photographs reporting them to
     According to my entry about the pictures they came from a fag site, and I didn't link the fag site to the entries on the blog but I did some research to see what I can do to nail AngryInIllinois as a fraud. He uses the fraud domains that were created by trolls as respresentations of the website, taht is proof he doesn't own the company right there and he's comimg up with the damned "Unicorn Man" for the covers of the upcoming anthology that's in progress too. I proved that Robert Baupader is a plagiarst too known as a ghostwriter type plagiarist meaning he will change things around to make the novel look like he wrote the thing.
      I nailed the loser on for the covers being DCMA violations, all I needed to do is show the real cover for GAME OVER and describe a key scene within the book and they took the cover down. I have this feeling that ZombieDiva is going to crash the appearance at the museum, and organize a demonstration because of what I said about Willard. I turned the tables when I said the whole thing I said about him and his daughter, since he likes to say what he says about my son and sister. Baupader is another who can't come up with an original thought for the life of him and Daverana Enterprises wants to publish the plagiartist making them fucking hypocrites in the process. What they're doing to my magazine is as vile as the 9/11/2001 attacks and child molestation rolled into one.

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  • I noticed my blogs on are becoming a little more lengthly too and it is going to give visitors a lot of information to take in when they see the video combination with it. With that being said, there will be some new video blogs going up too on Nick Rants. They are going to be quite vicious too where one is saying I am some kind of fucking closeted retard, never call me the r-word fucking psychopathic white trash piece of shit. I should try to make a run to get his books pulled from and get Daverana Enterprises shut down from Suffer you white trash loser you fucking earned this, and willing to destroy someone's magazine by sabotaging someone's submission processs by intentionally getting the magazine the wrong kind of listings. That isn't professional, in other words fuck your motherfucking gaming books you fucking child molesting faggot.