Sunday, December 4, 2011

heard from one of the artists

She told me the artwork will be ready inside of a week, and she will be photographing the progress for me because she can't do the color pencil medium. Well it was cool to imagine the cover done in color pencils though, because my medium is pencil for drawing. I am still waiting on a few writers for the anthology, and few people are trying to organize a formal boycott of my work. I wonder who is organizing this sick boycott, where they are willing to destroy works too on Well no matter, I will have my anthology and that is going to be something special for me when I have it done. I wonder what the reaction will be when I get the anthology published and ready to go.
     That is my curiosity there. I am just waiting for the writers who are still writing stories for the anthology. I have about 326 pages for the anthology already here and seems that Gambino has nothing better to do but make my life a living hell, I am guessing she is the one who is also called "Dark" on another site too. There is inspiration there for horror and their obsessions is something that would lead to a horror plot somewhere. I have ideas too and they might be a sequel to a story that is published in Emanations. I am still working on the anthology and some people want the magazine to fold or me to stop all production on anthologies. I am planning the next set of anthologies, House of Spiders IV isn't planned but Lake Fossil IV is. I haven't started writing on that one but I am looking to do the third sequel set immediately after the events of Lake Fossil 3.
     The sequel to The Fandom Writer is going to be a fucking masterpiece in terms of the way it's delivered too. So I am thinking how would I go about selling this story. Like I said with the anthology it is my comeback anthology into the realm of editing anthologies. My thing with people wanting me not to publish anymore, why don't they try to do a competitive publication -- do something constructive instead of being destructive. The one known as Thomas M. doesn't know I am in the process of working on the anthology sequel to the one in the museum and he has no respect for classic horror if he's willing to torch an anthology with classic horror stories in there. The "cover" he uses is flat out pornographic where the fucker shows an erect dick. The covers are copyright violations up the ass so to speak.
      I will be doing some filming for the book trailer for the anthology that's in the museum and looking to have the rest of the book ready just before Christmas. What I want to do is time the release around the same time as the original version of the namesake four years ago. I am in the process of font shopping for the book and if anyone of my long time friends want to get me something for Christmas, I am looking for the High Tower Text font to reissue House of Spiders 3 as part of Issue 14. It will be a novella issue so I am looking for more stories for this. I got a lot of fresh faced writers for the anthology as well as a few Tabloid Purposes alumni. These members of the roster haven't appeared together in a Tabloid Purposes but they were part of past Tabloid Purposes though, one of them is an original Tabloid Purposes roster member. I will be the only one who appeared in the Tabloid Purposes that was from the first book, I am planning six and seven -- got them outlined for the submission guidelines and posted on the Lake Fossil Press fan page.
     2012 will see the offshoot anthologies for the magazine and they will be published between issues. The magazine presents anthology series are going to be 4theluv, the reading fee market is going to be a nonfiction publication because creative nonfiction journals you have to plunk down $25.00 for them to even look at the entry. I saw that Gambino is obsessed with seeing me close my doors, she's got the venue to start her own publication so she might as well start one where it doesn't have the rigid rules of my magazine. I am looking to do more focused concept anthology spinoffs based off my list of guidelines and the wish list that I have on the magazine's website. The anthologies that are presented by the magazine will be based on the wish list I have on the guidelines in parts.
     The Tabloid Purposes sequels are paying markets, but looking to do a contest anthology again like I did with Tabloid Purposes 3. The reading fee anthology will be used to contribute to the prize pool. I am looking to do anthologies as EPUB exclusive works too also for -- I want to embrace the EPUB medium because that is a new readership right there. The one who needs to find something better to do with her time is Gambino. She needs to go count the dust particles on her bookshelves or the cracks on the ceiling. Going around Pacione bashing, it seems like the national past time but fuck them because I got better things to do with my time than deal with the assholes trying to ruin and sabotage a project. One thing is this one of the people who tried to steal from me is out of business, and the ones who are going after me because I am making fun of this -- the one who called me The Pacione Disease is getting a flesh and blood copy of the anthology when it's finished because it would send her over the edge.