Saturday, January 28, 2012

some fake is going around

Trying to say that I am a homosexual when it is clear that I am heterosexual, and get this it's with my pen name. It's fucking sick what this disgusting asshole is doing to my beloved magazine listing too. Trying to say I was out of the navy for blowing some dude when that's not true. I was discharged because I had a learning disorder. so with that being said I am addressing the loser right here and now, why do it? I don't see this being done to others in the business that I know of but the ones who are following him seem to buy into it trying to say that I am David Boyer too when I am not him.
    I am busy trying to edit the magazine and this shit pops up what if my family came across that asshole's twitter account. I don't even watch porn to begin with. This troll made it my personal war in the battle for my name. He calls himself nickypacione on twitter but don't follow him.