Tuesday, December 6, 2011

to the voters, fuck you

What's this only 30 voted? Now I am laughing at them because out of the so many out there only thirty want me to fold. To those thirty wanting me to fold, fuck you. The tribe had spoken and I am keeping the doors open -- the magazine isn't The Boy Love Gazette, Pictures of Dorian Gray, The Pink Triangle Productions or The Eerie Gay Man Gazette. Nor is it The Ethereal Gazyette it's The Ethereal Gazette or The Gazette for short. Go play in traffic and die in a fire to those thirty who voted. They know who they are, and seems like they are the ones who want this thing to close more than anything well it is not happening. The blog that had it right with them is this blog. The blog doesn't count for my written works just an update deal of what my writing life is like on some places or my editor's life is like on others. I am going to be that editor no one wants people to own copies of work to legitimately but there will always be someone who will pick it up just as long it's not the cocksucker who hides behind a Gene Simmons picture.
      What the voting poll is worth, it was for my own amusement -- I will take my time with Issue 14 though so Issue 13 can ferment a little bit in terms of people getting tired of the issue. I am promoting the hell out of the issue though because it's a damn fine read to say the least. There were a series of insult names that came to my company years ago -- one of them was Dead Fossil Press. They would come up with a lot of cute insulting names for the magazine and for my company but the thing that will piss them off is I keep producing issues of the magazine and anthologies people will keep reading until the next one comes out. I am waiting for batteries to arrive so I can do a trailer for the anthology and a promo for the museum. The reason they haven't announced it yet is because they wanted to keep it a surprise.
     They don't want the magazine to be known as the name of the magazine because they flat out hate my guts whoever is voting for the poll, yeah it shows that it is from a group known as anonymous. The defamation that some of them would do -- I sometimes wonder if they would lead to doing an actual assault. The kind of thing that I think about when I do this magazine is all the damned stalkers devoted to wanting to fuck with the mag.