Saturday, December 10, 2011

trying to get me to quit

This video is a message to those who are trying to get me to quit or fold as a publisher and get a day job working at McDonald's or some fast food job. It's not going to happen, even if you fuckers try to fill out applications online using my name. I am sure some of you are trying because one of you has access to my social security number. With the recent harassment via mail does show intent, and with the vandalism of my publishing company listing. What are your personal motivations in getting me to quit? I am not going to quit this because I've been force to quit many things in my life, I am going to see my writing and publishing career through. I know I will make it on a larger market and I am going to try for a larger market as a writer -- if I can get that market, it will help me a little further as a publisher. Brian Keene actively tried to get me to give up being a writer, I told him he was better off getting genital warts than sseing me give it all up and call it a day. I am sure there are a lot of people waiting for me to call it a day as a writer and wanted to see Sammi Cox keep going with it. Those are all her ass kissers trying to get me to quit as a publisher, fuck them. I am going to keep going.