Thursday, December 1, 2011

a poll for the naysayers

I am not folding the magazine and this is a little poll I am doing because I am curious about the answers. Why would you want my magazine to fold, and I want you to explain why of your reasons. I would rather see Robin Eduardo starve and lose her fucking house then in a freak accident get beheaded. The whole thing about her saying I need to be in poverty. That explains a lot about her amoral character, being she's an amoral bitch who needs to die in a fire. Calling that hate speech? No it's not hate speech. That is based on what I've seen her do and brag about by saying she bragged about getting me banned from places.
     She's a fucking nobody who has one little story on Kindle and her publisher is one of the most corrupt as they come. One of the people running the place is a fucking hermaphrodite. I wonder how many hermaphrodites she worked with or had impregnate her. I noticed her female sweetie actually got mad and tried to get my blog yanked because of my rant that stated Brian Keene had genital warts. Well he might be a tranny chaser too. Some people might be blushing when they see this -- well I can't help he's a doughnut puncher.
     The ones that don't want this magazine published are the rump rangers in the business, does it really piss them off that much that I am practicing the freedom of choice. The whole thing pisses them off that I don't allow a certain kind of content in the magazine. It's part of the magazine's policy that carried over from the days when I was an e-zine editor. The poll is for my amusement to see how many haters out there who go around touching their offspring in inappropriate ways. I am implying that they are just like the assistant basketball coach from Syracuse or the assistant football coach from Penn State.
     IF these people who don't want me having a magazine out there, why don't they try to do a competing magazine that takes the things The Gazette doesn't allow but with the same intensity as the magazine. Many don't want this magazine to have sales or have a readership that I am trying to obtain with the magazine. I guess it bothers them that much when I don't allow GLBT oriented material, I am not going to start now. I challenge them to start a rival magazine that does that though -- can they do the same kind of intensity for that crowd?
     I don't go for The Human Centipede type horror -- I don't want to read about someone forced to devour shit. If someone wants to staple themselves to another person's ass after they've had a load of laxatives, I am not going to watch that trainwreck because I might end up vomiting from it. I edit a magazine where I represent the Religious Right but have a well working knowledge of the scare. That is the kind of thing I look for personally in horror -- a religious horror/metafiction type horror scare. But if they are bothered by the whole thing I am taking a poll to see how many are pissed off by this.