Friday, December 2, 2011

seems like I got some ugly votes

Man the votes are hostile, it seems that one person should find something better to do such as count the dust on her shelf. I know someone is going to be saying that's insensitive. I don't need sensitivity training. There are only nine people voting on that one that means it is only nine people who are causing the most shit with the magazine. I am not going to let nine people fuck with the magazine. There is some wishful thinking on their part. That they're doing by pirating my work is not professional -- going around saying I was the one who posted Blood Contender on the listing when I wouldn't post my stories on a listing for my magazine. The archive for October 2011 will have the entry about the submission guidelines about the magazine.
     The one person who is trying to get me shut down has OCD -- doesn't she have dust particles to count? They've became very obsessed with wanting to see the magazine fold, the line up is culturally diverse but I will not allow gay content. This is the item that they want me to fold over -- I am aware of the books My Daddy's Roommate, I agree with Sarah Palin on that one that book doesn't belong in a public library. The same people are going in with the vandalism saying seven year olds are better at math than I am--I just suck at college algebra. They are saying that I need to be locked in a padded cell and the white coats should be coming for me.
     Well what if someone was to say that the white coats will come for them and say they need to be locked away for a good number of years. Some of the things they're doing is intentionally breaking the links to the magazine and to the storefront, doesn't sell suppositories. I had an issue with only three contributors on The Ethereal Gazette -- I lost touch with another one back in 2006, the reason I had a hard time paying the line up on Issue 3 was that I was having hard times at the apartment. My crime is losing touch with a good number of them. I would pay the one from Issue 3 my editor's choice rate that I offer now. Editor's Choice can be anywhere from $30.00 to $45.00.
     One walked from Issue 12 after some careful consideration after he was paid $20.00 for his story. He passed up being part of the line up that might not happen again in a long time. People who'd pass up a line up of a lifetime for any magazine or anthology is a fool. To pass up the chance to be on Issue 12 is that of a fool, that was a dream line up in some ways -- I don't think I can produce another Issue 12. It would be hard to top it. For many years it would be hard to top that one. I need to go back and fix the TOC on that issue though. The TOC came from my bad habit of late night editing.
     Well to say the least, with the people who are voting is a small number who want to see the magazine fold. I really have no plans on folding or going on a long hiatus. I am just on anthology break right now meaning I am putting my focus on doing an anthology. They are trying to associate David Boyer as the editor of my magazine then having two muscle fags sitting in a chair reading as the avatar for the magazine -- they go doing the insult name for the magazine, the first insult name it got was The Ethereal Gayzette, that will get you blacklisted faster than anything if you say that when you query for the magazine.