Wednesday, December 7, 2011

because of the language

I designated this blog as an adults only blog because of the use of hard swearing and violent language. I will be graphic in terms of the violent language as for the naysayers I would be laughing if they die while taking a shit meaning they bleed out and they can't stop bleeding. That must piss them off but I am doing the adults only rating to protect this blog from being flagged. I noticed that the bastards vandalizing the listings have became more intense with it -- the magazine will never be known as Pictures of Dorian Gray or The Boy Love Gazette. Whoever is doing that and male, I find them they would end up punch drunk. It seems that people don't want this magazine to even be known as The Ethereal Gazette. Does it bother them or offend them that much that I don't allow gay or GLBT oriented content? It's something that they have to live with knowing the magazine will always be known as The Ethereal Gazette. I want the one place that isn't something like that, I will never be that kind of publisher.
     Some are going as far as calling this blog a hate site because of the violent language and sometimes disgusting metaphors. But either way this will piss a lot of people off saying I am not changing the name of the magazine nor I am going to stop publishing the magazine or promoting my novel. Pirating the novel is not professional, if Publish America catches wind of that one they'd be all over their ass. I had this blog for ten years actually just haven't used it until now. It does contain explicit language so that is part of the reason why it's got the adults only designation for the blog. Google will not let me have the adsense on the thing because of the hardcore profanity. So kids get out of the pool, this blog is adults only and those who are saying the blog is my official web presence -- no it's not. My actual website is my web presence and I am not jumping on the wordpress bandwagon for an official website because it takes the fun out of designing a website from scratch.
     I am planning some new projects and I have to keep this blog adults only because of the flagging threats I've been getting from Sheri Gambino -- but seems like she's trying to get this blog censored because it's offensive to certain groups well fuck them an the virus they rode in on.