Friday, December 9, 2011

some people are delusional

I got an e-mail from a delusional skank who thinks I lost my publishing company what I found out that the loser who is doing the fake ownership is violating a lot of DCMA deals because of his using the "Unicorn Man" image for the said "covers" of my magazine. He found those images in a web search such as this one. I am sure some of them want me to throw in the towel I am not going to quit or have any plans on retiring as a publisher any time soon. I got another submission for the anthology and did a blog on One thing I want these bastards who vandalize the listing to do when they die,, and that's suffer. I am trying to catch the copyright violators in the process. I got one thing taken down from the I got the ones who are going around trying to destroy the magazine's listing each chance they get too -- what is that going to accomplish.
     The illusion of a hostile takeover is one of their tactics too to make sure I don't get any submissions either. Going around with the illusion that the magazine has a new owner when I haven't applied for a loan -- I don't even apply for loans. I believe if you can't get it out of your own pocket or unable to do something on layaway you don't do it at all unless you can do it without using a credit card. How could I even apply for a loan, I never used my company for a collateral. So in my eyes -- the fag named Thomas M. lied about everything and the whole thing with his page is a fucking mockery of my company. He's using the troll created domains as a representation of the company. So in that -- I am setting the record straight with the publishing company here. I didn't lose it. I am going to laugh as the faceless coward lights himself on fire eventually. I guess when people look at a post like this and see I am telling the truth about the loser, they would eventually open their eyes. The whole thing with the Lloyd Phillip Campbell that showed up on wordpress, that isn't the real one -- the real one exists on paper.
     I am that author they don't want you to own legit copies of and the votes say there is one person who said they'd pirate everything I have, someone decided to try and pirate Ghosts In The Tornado that is really irresponsible because I never posted that story. I want that story to be a true exclusive. I am not going to play into everyone wanting me to die off the publications -- seeing everything fold before their eyes, not happening. I just got GAME OVER published and trying to promote the hell out of the book and it will be the PublishAmerica page I am going to promote of it too. This is the book everyone likes to lie about now. Whoever tagged the book "gay porn" and "unicorn porn" needs to die a horrible death. People are entitled to hate me and I accepted that but they are not entitled to ruin the magazine because they just hate me -- getting at me by vandalizing the magazine, the magazine is like my child in that sense of the word.