Wednesday, December 7, 2011

progress on anthology

Still waiting on a few stories -- I will consider autobiographical Gothic Horror for this bad boy too. I am trying to get a video uploaded to for the progress of the anthology and the process of submissions for the magazine. The blog that got suspended is pissed that it's suspended so he's taking it out on the listing of the company on Pirating my novel and all of that too -- I am guessing it was something to do with not allowing sexual content that really pisses people off, and outright banning homosexual content. Is that phobic, no but practicing freedom of choice though. I got someone trying to flag this blog because they are upset at the content within the digital pages. I use this one to be a little candid and sometimes the content gets a little vile at times.
     I will not allow certain tings on this magazine or in the anthologies, and I expect my wishes to be honored there. Some of the writers who harass me or try to organize a boycott clearly do not want me to be a publisher anymore for some reason or another, and that is their personal reasons. I am not going to throw in the towel because what they intend on doing with the publications. If they don't like the mag, don't read it. Don't go around sabotaging a planned anthology or planned issues of the magazine. It's not professional. I am just trying to get an anthology published and the contributors rounded up for the rest of the line up. I can put the book out now if I wanted to but I want to wait until I get the rest of the authors.