Tuesday, November 29, 2011

get me to fold

Not happening, I will not fold. The only way the magazine folds is if I am murdered. I opened the submissions up to Gothic Horror Metafiction and Dark Memoirs. I am working on the anthology right now and waiting for a few more submissions. I am not going to close the doors on The Ethereal Gazette, as much as someone is trying to say they took the magazine over -- they are doing it just to make sure it doesn't see another issue published but I am on the anthology break right now meaning I am working more on the anthology. I am rounding up the writers remaining for the anthology and this thing is going to easy be in the 360 page range. I am making sure the anthology is a good size as my comeback publication. I've have not done an anthology in a while that's fresh and new so I am doing something that would stand out here in terms of the anthology.
     The anthology is going to both be a print and E-book format, but I am going to get the ISBNs for both too. The ebook versions will be for the IPAD so people with the tablet computers can read the book. I am trying to come up with a drawing that would be in the anthology too but the thing is I don't know if I can illustrate the story that is mine going into the project. I want to know your individual reasons for trying to get me to fold my publication if you have the courage to explain why you want me to fold. I have a special e-mail address set up called blog complaint department. Does it bother people that much that I have a magazine -- to the point where they have to violate my magazine's listing on a site where it was relatively undisturbed for nearly five years. I opened it up to a few other things too and I explain a little bit what they are here, and submissions are sent to etherealgazette@gmail.com.
     There is a nagging issue here and it comes in form of a Hope Hillecomb, she never submitted a story to me though she claim she did. Hope is where Marc Lyth is, blacklisted from contributing to the magazine. I am keeping the magazine open and running well into my eighties. I am not being delusional about the magazine's longevity. The faggot known as Thomas M. hasn't produced a single "book" under his so called "ownership" of my publishing company. That is when I knew he was making a mockery of my company by making graphics of headstones about my company saying it folded -- when this isn't true. The company will not fold. I am not going to retire from publishing. Death was the retirement for when August Derleth ended his time with Arkham House -- he was saying when he started the company, and I could see Robert Bloch making this joke "I will retire the day after I die." Which was something that was said on the show Pawn Stars by the Old Man.
      Horror Publishers will die before they retire, unless it's the case of Sammi E. Cox who couldn't hack it from the beginning. When they go around vandalizing the listing with Pink Triangle Productions or The Eerie Gay Man Gazette. I wouldn't call my magazine those names, nor would I post my work for free on the magazine listing so whoever is saying I am is a fucken liar. I am not the delusional one here who is saying that, and they tried to silence my book that was telling the truth about them well it's going with another place listed as an adult book because of the language in the pages of the book. If I wanted to close my magazine, I would have done it after the 12th Issue being that was the largest issue since the first three issues -- I haven't folded by now and will not fold any time soon. So if you're thinking the magazine is going to fold, in your fucking sweet dreams and in your darkest of nightmares.
      If you don't like the magazine, why don't you start a paying e-zine that competes with the magazine allowing the things that The Ethereal Gazette doesn't allow. I will not quit the magazine, but all the people who are vandalizing the magazine are doing the vandalism to the point where I would crack and give up. Well that is far from happening. I am trying to find a few other websites that does magazine listings and submit the details of the magazine to them where I can get the submissions I am trying to get for the issues in them. The same goes with the anthologies as I work on the anthologies too. I am also doing anthologies as The Ethereal Gazette Presents too with special publications too in between issues and then the regular anthologies. I am doing paying, 4theluv and reading fee markets as a publisher -- I am a combined vehicle. The reading fee market will open sometime in 2012. I am doing that as a nonfiction journal where it will be published under Angry Guinea Books/Broken Mindframe Books.
      The magazine hosted anthologies will be dark tinged metafiction. I mention Windows to the Soul by James Barlog in the new story and some works by Terry Vinson mentioning the story is set before both books were even written.