Sunday, November 11, 2012

I am accepting donations for my bills that I have to pay yet, trying to collect money to pay my Authorsden membership and the rest of my phone bill -- do not donate less than $5 for the donations because I tried this before and got some jackhole donating $ .01 when I was at need. I need money for medication that I have for the next doctor so I don't know what that will be, I am looking to have donations done by the end of the week here. I am trying to get this going because it seems like some blogger has one of these to keep their domain going -- this should also pay for my domain too so I am raising money for that too. Thank you for donating ahead of time and I will also donate some of this to the Red Cross what I have left over. I am trying to get the bills paid with the donations so my family can have a Christmas this year, I have to pay for the garbage bill and the phone bill -- this should cover and you want to sponsor my account this quarter on the Den -- donate about $10 and tell your friends to do the same, six of you will cover my membership this quarter too and thank you greatly for donating either way.