Tuesday, September 4, 2012

hey fuck for brains

Leave my fucking Amazon.com page alone -- what the fuck do you have to gain in trying to ruin it. I don't bash every fucking author out there when I do my rants just the three that are white trash suckoffs. Keene is an uneducated punk who needs to shoot me if he wants to shut me up but I doubt he's got the balls to fucking shoot me with one of his guns. HE's too unstable to be owning guns and Sangiovanni is the biggest fucking bitch I had ever crossed paths with. Garton, you pussy show up in Richmond and say you want to stick me in a fucking loony bin because you will be keep telling yourself that the moment I am punching on your head to the point it bleeds and when you're doubled over I will fart in your face to add insult to injury. there is no apologies for what I say here and those who are hacking my page on Amazon.com you're a fucking coward.