Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skullvines Are Scumbags

This video is to the scumbags of Skullvines Press, they got mad at the nut cancer crack so I am not going to apologize for that and I respond to the faggot RainGods video calling me out of name. I am working on new material right now and to see them advocate bullying and piracy of books, they need to be closed down because they are with the horde that hang out in the legion of fuckwits message board to harass me, Lawrence Dagstine and now Sheri Gambino. The reason they come after me the worst is that I am the one who is the most vocal about it and will jump to video when it gets ugly.
     I begin to think they are the scumbags who are impersonating me on goodreads and stole one of my pen names to start up shit on there with the help of Melany. It is driving me crazy and she wants to screw over any dating life I have too. Well she needs a life too. I am not going to let her screw with my career as much as she has and I am not going to let Skullvines Press screw with any career I have too -- calling me a fanfiction writer, they don't have the balls to say that to my face because I will take a swing at Balzer. If they went after his crazy batshit wife he would be on a warpath. Well he is a batshit piece of shit who got mad at one offensive joke at his expense. I am not apologizing for it either.