Thursday, November 15, 2012

I dated a psycho

Looks like Melany is at it again with me on goodreads saying that my son will never find me and she was sucking off Brian Keene with one of his rants at me making fun of my single life. He goes as far as to mock my publishing career back then, but now Keene put a truce out there because we been going at it for eight years. He should had not gone in the defense of Darren McKeeman though because McKeeman likes to bully people and create fake accounts. She befriended one of the plagiarists who tried to pass GAME OVER off as theirs. I will say this of Melany, I used to love her but now I wish she can go to hell. If you're going to fuck her please be kind and put a bag over her head first.
     If I saw a picture of her in 1997 before I met her I would not had made the trip to Iowa. I was told to go by mutual friends of ours from firefly because she was trying to contemplate killing herself. She was too much trouble than she is worth, now she wants to try to steal The Storms Of Armageddon for one of her titles that she is writing for the novel writing contest. I was planning to have GAME OVER for that but I couldn't get the bad boy done in time. She is supportive of the impersonators on twitter, I wonder if Keene knew about that and the fact that Melany might do something akin to what David Boyer did. The stunt she is attempting to do is something that was egged on by Janrae Frank's publishing outfit. They should remove Janrae Frank from Wikipedia for being a self-publisher if they deleted my page for this they should do the same with hers.
     As for Kevin Lucia following the fake, I have to say this of him -- started out a nice guy until Lawrence Dagstine pointed out he was playing both sides of fame. Melany became a horror target when I wrote Media Darling for Emanations. There are a few who are crapping on the book because of my inclusion on the anthology. I am still writing though as much as some people try to defame me and all of that. Lieder was one of the people who did this by tagging my books "gay erotica" and "gay sex" -- my books are not Queer Fear (I am taking a shot at Micheal Rowe here in his part on the comment about Keene's rant about my craigslist personal ad I took out on there.) I am happy to say I will have a date, and she is a woman from my past (the sister of a previous girlfriend.) I dated since Melany left me, and she smells like a fish taco. No matter how much she showers she smells like a fish taco.
     I am going to keep wise cracking about the ex on here because what stunts the fat cow pulled on She caused me to lose the account the first time and now I am back on there using facebook to login. I am happy to be back there now and you can track me as napacione there. The only thing Melany is responsible for and she can have this is giving me the face to my website on the internet in 1997. I tried to do video in 2002 but the technology wasn't quite there yet to do it. I use tumblr and for my vlogs, and submission calls on I am also addressing the one called FoxyGothicUnicorn because he got his head up his ass. If he is defaming me why doesn't he show his real face instead of doing this shitty videos and uploading them to What makes me sick is Melany had been talking with them and became fast friends with some of them too. She belongs in a zoo if I am the one that needs to be locked up. I think Melany is obsessed with me failing for some reason, this will piss her off -- what if our son wants to go to the Poe Muesum and check out the library of the museum. If he goes there, he will see what I look like and haven't really changed much since he was born in that sense meaning I still have long hair. She tried to change this about me and didn't like the fact I did smoke, but that was part of the package. Saying that I am abusive, she was the one mentally abusive. I never raised a hand to hurt her in any way but she turned around then punched me when I made the catty noise.