Thursday, November 10, 2011

progress so far

The new book is about 82,339 words and The Fandom Writer 2 is getting some strong progress too. I am due for a new freebie on the journal too. I ma trying to give this thing some serious attitude. I noticed my full lengths are nonfiction while the collections are a wide range of material from fiction to nonfiction, but eerie as hell. The book is about the personal horror I dealt with while in the world of social media. It is something I wrote more for my younger sister as she's getting to the age now where she's going to be dealing with the crazies out there looking for her because she's my sister. The lies about me beating my son became much for me and I am not cracking down because of it. I have eleven chapters underway of the book and I might finish the book at 13 just to see what their reaction will be when the book has 13 chapters to it. 11th Chapter is coming along nicely and it would be disturbing when I use some of my research about social networking and suicide.
     I have the cover done for this book and looking to design the back cover of the book for people to see too and thinking how I would design this thing. The subject of social media bullying is a very young subject but there were examples of this when I was emerging in chat rooms. The book is surprisingly fast in getting this written for it's size but I am hoping that I would get this out within the week to the month. It will need an introduction and looking to have this done before I even think of putting it out there. I am looking to round the book out at either 12-13 chapters and the preview of the book will be the introduction.
     The Fandom Writer 2 is set around this world as a sequel when the first was just set around e-mail and the start of newsgroups. I've been abusive to rivals on the internet but I've never done the things these people have done on social networking sites where they drove someone to actually kill themselves. I am mentioning these stories in my book too. The book is coming strong and the hard part is going to have the strong finish. I am at the 188 page mark with the book at the 6 x 9 trade paperback then selling the book at $16.90 I obscured the website where I did the search at so they don't guess where it came from.