Wednesday, November 23, 2011

did this with a freebie and a print exclusive

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I ran my freebie Revelations Obscured through it and got H.P. Lovecraft, I ran my print exclusive from Issue 13 and got this result. I posted the freebie on this journal. Now I am curious about this writer too. I am trying to get my anthology going here and got some interesting submissions. I was running the submissions through there to get some comparisons there out of curiosity so I can market the thing. I had to reboot Issue 10 because of the faggot named Marc Lyth, and one thing is this if I see Lyth face to face he's getting punched in his. Some of the stories got Arthur C. Clarke and William Gibson. I am the Arthur C. Clark of horror because of Ghosts In The Tornado. That is very unusual to pull off and found this thing on a few searches. I am working on the nonfiction book right now and waiting for the introduction. I am just waiting to upload the thing from a library.
     I was analyzing the writers in the anthology too to see what I can come up with. It's a curious thing indeed but now I know how to market the anthologies too. I am wondering what famous authors would compare to. The print exclusive story is found in this issue. Now I know how to gauge my work to the famous counterparts, the Lovecraft one is a very strong comparison. I just hope the writer I got compared to with the story in the magazine is not a faggot. The comparative author died in 2008, but I haven't heard of him. He did a book that was about John McCain so there is some hope there -- I am looking to get this because I am curious now, it's driving me crazy with this comparison. The comparative author is originally from New York, but raised in Illinois.
     For those saying I can't write look up their own styles to see who they compare to -- I am kind of shocked that I got this one but at the same time I have to admit it's pretty damn cool. I was comparing my rival authors' styles too to see where I measure up. Now I know why Poppy got worried when it came to me challenging her, she might as well been insulting H.P. Lovecraft when she did that. I am doing this with my other print exclusives too namely the fan favorite story that's creative nonfiction too. My creative nonfiction is like David Foster Wallace and my fiction is like Arthur C. Clarke, William Gibson, H.P. Lovecraft and a female author who appeared with Stephen King. I am looking to compare some of the famous counterparts -- the novel that is the one I created the answer novel to is the one I am curious about. I am getting a lot of this thrown at me because of GAME OVER -- I ran GAME OVER through the thing and they compared me to H.P. Lovecraft so I am curious what the story it challenges would come out to be. They don't do the famous writers having their modern counterparts, but it's the lesser known writers who are getting the famous comparisons. I am posting this from the site where I got it from -- This is the response people don't want you reading. They're going to scream this when they read GAME OVER -- they're going to call that book homophobic because of the portraying of The Picture Of Dorian Gray being urinated on.

"Conservative Christians and other people who strongly object to homosexuality often take offense at this term, which had led to the use of the term heterophobia to describe those who manifest an antipathy to those who uphold heterosexuality as normative or exclusively valid."

I get this because of I uphold heterosexuality as normative and exclusively valid. This is where I call one editor heterophobic. I am waiting for him to get a load of GAME OVER when it hits the streets. I portray a denim n leather vs. PVC world as a good vs. evil kind of thing -- something that Stephen King writes about. Then what some people see with the nonfiction I didn't expect myself to have the comparisons to because of that. I put one of the ex-contributors at odds with me because I challenge the status quot when it comes to genre fiction -- everyone wants to be on that publish the gay bandwagon, I am not going to play that game. I get a lot of flack because of this, and really they can ask me if I care for that matter -- I am not phobic, I just don't want it in the magazine.