Thursday, November 3, 2011

another threat of shut down

I got another threat of having this blog shut down because I made a statement at the expense of Sammi Cox. I included the threat in the book I am writing and not at the liberty to disclose the title of the book but it came from the hell that I got from social media. The whole thing that Tim Willard is trying to do actually endangers a story for plagiarism by Boyer or some other serial plagiarist. I really think they could care less if someone plagiarizes me but I care because I work very hard on the short stories I write. I will be protected by lawyers according to a friend in the business who has been published with the place I signed the contract to. The book is one of those that I think might end up being completely done by February if it is coming at the pace of An Eye In Shadows. I started the book a few days ago and already it's at the 16,000 word mark and it will include my rants from message boards too firing back at admins for being corrupt, the expose that I did will be a part of this book too so it will be published on with the storefront I published An Eye In Shadows with.
     Someone is trying to call this blog a hate blog, I speak my mind and it does come out to have some violent undercurrents in there. I do it here because it might sound unflattering and sometimes really insulting. The rant I did on craigslist will have a home in this book along with some of my personal ads I've written. That will be part of the full disclosure within the book and it will be submitted for evidence in a libel case. They are enraged because of the naked wife pictures crack. People get mad because it touches a nerve, it's a variation of Go Fuck Your Mother. As far as I am concerned Tim Willard is white trash, he lacks the mental maturity not to mess with someone's publication. The fucker had repeatedly posted Blood Contender and I already know where it came from then I cracked down on the asshole via phone. The threat of a lawsuit is on the hands of Kaolin Fire for breach of the writer/editor confidentiality.
     I am going to force Kaolin Fire into a new occupation, make him force himself into retirement -- I noticed the fucker hid his real e-mail address when he found out I had access to it. I also have access to his address and will organize a letter writing campaign having everyone ask "is it true that you leaked a story you rejected?" I am going to punish Koalin Fire for that one because he sent the story to Janrae Frank upon me sending it, Koalin had been sucking her 'daughters' cock. It shows that GUD and Dravena Enterprises -- they wash each other's back and fill each other's puckerhole. The question is here when I do this blog, how the fuck did Janrae Frank get the story when I didn't send it to anyone else in 2006? How did the shim get the story?