Friday, February 1, 2008


Defeckt -- you mother fucker. I do not and I say this again -- do not write homoerotic fiction. Do I have to spell it out to you? Just because some of the writers you read have that kind of content; I don't even write with erotic content for fuck's sake. You fucking idiot. You have your head so far up your ass that you're blind to the fucking world around you.
      You're idea of horror literature is Karen Koehler and Brian Keene (both authors suck.) If you want to make my life a living hell you fucking yellow journalist, you're downfall will be the lack of fact checking you have. Schmuck. You go around posting things that rae flat out lies on your blog about me like a schmuck you would have more lawsuits so far up your ass that you would have to sell all your synths just to pay your bills. Time to sell your synths and start flipping burgers little boy. You're wanting to boil this thing into the street, it's just going to make you look like an asshole. I guess by now you joined the bandwagon who sucks off each other in the sense of the hatred they have for me and right now you're going to hate me more than you did before because yes I will get personal.
      There's a real lack of maturity on your part where I think your parents shouldn't even allowed you online when you were a teenager because of that so called Better than you attitude -- yeah that's right do a blog telling me how I should burn in hell. But the truth is like acid, it burns and this is more caustic than anyone who tried to push me under the table or rug for way too long. And like monkeys they like to constantly fling shit around. Want to start trouble with me in Chicago, it will just bite you in the ass -- and that is something that you're afraid of more than anything. You broke a major rule of the internet. The big one, Don't talk shit who is within a 45 mile radius. There were times when a few wanted to pound on me in a club for wanting to call them out on their shit. I just called you out on yours. Book burning sack of shit. Go ahead and say something now you Frog. Go back to eating your stinky cheese (I bet you're mad as hell right now. I bet by now you hate Ultra-Conservative folks.)
      You will not ruin my focus, as much as The Other Dark Place had failed to do, as much as Lawrence Dagstine had failed to do too. What's your excuse picking on a person with a mental illness. God the fuck damn it, you're worst than that money hungry ex-room mate of mine in Iowa. Except for one thing you can't take away my heart.