Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Someone is out to pick a fight...

Well I just saw this entry on a certain "musician"'s blog, and thought I would chime in on this one because he's threatened to have my blog shut down over on the other community (Man you need to grow up and grow a spine when it gets ripped out of you.) I hardly post on my own blog over there but I use it to run the community that I have. So I will chime in and say he's a flat out asshole. I want him to chime in on this one because if someone like him mouths off like that in turn it would hurt sales of his band's CD. Make nice with the writers otherwise you get your life made a living hell on the road. It's clearly a crock of shit that he's doing. I am going to stay the fuck out of his livejournal, but I am going to bring this asshole to the world's stage by making him choke on his words.
     I am expecting an all out fist fight by the time this is said and done, but I knew I have to say something about him here. The fact that LiveJournal you have to watch what you say and do. Quicker to believe the yellow journalistic faggots before he would take it right to the source. Places like Encyclopedia Dramatica are not fact checkers; they are just fucking cowards who nave nothing better to do -- and Kevin Defeckt had fell right into their hands. That post is the second time the little fuck had decided to start a war with me, this was the first. Man, get a life you little loser. You might have opened up for some good bands but personally your attitude smells like shit.
     The threats of having my blog shut down, I had to do the rant somewhere where bitching wouldn't do him much good. The little boy is still wet behind his ears. This is the type of person I would actually see trying to throw the first punch. I guess his little fame these days decided to take a pot shot at me so he can further it. Seems like the fucker likes to argue when I Am busy trying to get a new story written, and I noticed that The Other Dark Place is still taking jibs at a new organization. I welcome this new org with open arms, being it is another chance to get the word out about writers people wouldn't normally have the access to get. The one who was starting up on me is a white trash loser.
     I noticed that Miss Bohmer decided to take a cheap shot at me while I'm not looking. It's not like I read the boards every fucking day, but I know the ones who steal content from me on a regular basis then stalk members of my extended family. Look, my family did nothing to do you leave them out of this. I really think the one person who did that is the most pissed off about the fact I did do the non-fiction book. The only reason it hasn't sold yet because it is still looking for its target audience and fucks who decided to distribute the e-book just to ruin sales of the thing.
     I will say this much of both Kevin Defeckt and The Other Dark Place here -- both of them have no respect for anyone, and I think they would find good company in each other. Yeah one big fucked up happy family. I will say this much, Bohmer might try to ruin my career in some ways just because she hates my guts. I am waiting for the look on her face to happen if that story of mine appears in an anthology and her story is in it. That is the best revenge I think, irony. Yes there is a sarcastic tone to this entry -- more scarsm than usual these days. I am busy with a new story that is right now about 8.7K and pissed off about the fact I lost 2000 words on a 9880 word story, and 3000 on a 10,000 word novella because of my system failure. So right now I am not in the mood for anyone's monkey business.
     I guess flinging shit is their favorite past time. People like Eric Enck is one of the biggest shit flingers I've seen in a long time, and yeah there are feuds in this business. Being a horror author, but also writing other things too. I've seen trends come and go, Eric Enck isn't going to last in this business. Either would be this little boy who writes gay romance, yeah I am not mentioning names there but I will say this much -- I've seen these kinds come and go. I've been around for 11 years online, I am not an idiot as some people claim that I am -- just because I have a mental illness. There is some brains behind this person and yes also some brawn.