Monday, February 4, 2008

Fuck off Witch

"Nicky has now returned to attacking people he associates with me, including those on the Black Death roster. Therefore, if you've had ongoing trouble with him, past or present, it's important that you shoot off a warning to all the publishers in your life (including any foreign language publishers handling your work--don't forget them) that their authors may get hit and to put him on total ignore. If your publisher(s) are informed, they will be better able to handle things. Everyone I know has been informed and has put him on Internet ignore. I strongly urge you to inform any fellow authors you are close to who have not yet had the misfortune of running into him so they can be informed. I hope this helps."

Find the nice end of a razor sharp harpoon and go fuck yourself with it. Koehler you whiny cunt. I guess I should try to get a couple book signings in Effort, PA, and use the press out there to bury you. The very press that celebrated you, will be your own undoing. You believe that things come back on you times three right? Well stalking my real life friends, family, and others that I know personally will be the thing that will take you down. You're really obsessed with me. So you stalk my friends and my hang outs via online. Trying to see to it that I will never get published again. You're prey bitch, you just made yourself a prey item with that remark. You want to get into a war of words. I am playing for keeps lady, you will not strangle my anthologies or the magazine. In fact this is all going to the press, and you're good as done.
     By that post, you just proved that you're white trash. You want to really come after my publishing company come and physically pry it from my hands. You're what, 35? and you're trying to destroy a person's livelyhood. You're nothing but a fucking cunt, and that post you did on The Other Dark Place, I am going to bury you with it. You dug yourself a hole and messed with someone who will not back down. You want to take my publishing company you're going to have to shoot me in the head for it, is 24 years to life worth stealing someone's publishing company? You want to sue me for An Eye In Shadows, for what, come on now -- what do you really think you can do with trying to strangle every submission that I could get because I can always get submissions. Don't like the anthology project I produce, fine do your own and mabye you can do one trying to make me look like a villian with all your "friends."
     You know you're nothing but a trained P.R. Monkey, and I am going to use your wanting to destroy my career as a way to push my career even further as a publisher. You're going down, and so is your little friend archanearchiver. You hate my guts yet, go ahead and fucking hex me bitch. I would invite you to Chicago just so people can throw dog shit at you. In otherwords, fuck off witch. Hex me if you're going to put a hex on me.