Thursday, September 1, 2011

front page --- nice!

I could see a few people getting mad at this. I figured since it was time tha I shared this with a few people too as well as the one from the other local paper out of Morris following up on the museum having my anthology. I only wrote one story in the book that is Ghosts In The Tornado. I wonder what FandomWank has to say about this but as far as I am concerned they can collectively hang themselves with the noose around their dirty necks. It's about time I got some good press though the ones who want to smear me like to say they won in ways where this is me winning. I am sure that one of them likes to steal from museums -- I am offering copies of the one article as a snail mail copy for those who want to see the other pictures with it -- the Joliet one, feel free to pass that to your friends but the other you need to be a subscriber to read it online. I think the Joliet one will have a bigger impact because it will be a lot of fun getting something to eat without being asked about the museum, but I will stop and talk with people unless they are sweetexile, any female who lives in her area has my permission to kick the shit out of that dirty backward hick whore.