Tuesday, September 20, 2011

anthology Emanations is out

I am working on some new material for a single entry journal that will be online longhand but in the meantime check out Emanations because I fire back at the ones who went around bullying me. This is a response to Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandom Wank in one fair swoop. This anthology will feature a story called Media Darling and that story is one of my most controversial -- Carter had to filter some things out of it namely the referrence to WGN and The Weather Channel. The longhand entries that will be typed up will go with Media Darling in terms of the back story. I just want to show people that there are many out there who get cyberbullied -- not many have the courage to fight back. This is fighting back from beyond the grave.
     I read the edits to Media Darling and seems like it became just as fun to read as when I have the original version. The original versions are on a disk somewhere -- I want people knowing both versions. I am waiting for those in that set to see the story in Emanations because it is the only horror story to make the cut and this is of a staff of 13 editors. Something that is not heard of before in the business. I suggest sending stories to them when given the chance because it is an experience to talk about there. Media Darling is a defining story for me as The Fandom Writer was in 2004 the first time I wrote it. I have that story expanded in Dirty Black Winter. The discussions of the story are open via my message board Seven Points Of Insanity -- I am looking to do a contest for those who want a copy of the book on me and signed. Starting in November I am doing a contest for the next Reality TV tinged horror story and that will be a part of the next anthology I am going to do that will follow up A Library Of Unknown Horrors. It will not be the only type of story in there that is like that and I will be teaching writers how to do this style of a story.
     I will be doing this the moment I get my new computer and have the software to get it going -- just need the computer and everything. My story for the anthology is backed up and in my e-mail inbox. This story and the true story I did are backed up in there. So for right now I am doing everything longhand until the single entry journal is set up, and looking to keep blogging. The library can't show my blog here because they have a filter for blogspot.
     I am in a good mood because I found out my son will be the proud owner of The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 12 and that will have a picture of me so he can see how his dad is doing. I have to do 13 from scratch but I am not worried -- there will be some new projects underway and looking to break out a few writers from the diary-x set on some projects I am doing as Broken Mindframe Books. I don't have domain for that one but all the details on what I look for in that anthology will be posted on my facebook and on the single entry journal when I have that opened up.