Friday, August 19, 2011

update so far

This is something big and yes it made the front page on one paper and the other paper is coming soon with the interview. I am looking to raise some cash for this trip I am taking in January and this is how you can help, donate to Writings From The and one will get an ebook titled Words From A Dark Truth and this will have some material that will be in Dirty Black Winter. My anthology A Library Of Unknown Horrors is now being carried in the Roselle Public Library and the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. The newspaper in Morris did a front page story about this and the paper coming up is going to be doing an interview about it and use that interview to put some of the naysayers in their place. My computer is down right now so I have to do all the blogging from public computers for the time being and need to take the computer in for a new motherboard then I can get Issue 13 out there. I got a computer from home that won't let me get online but two vital stories are backed up on e-mail. I am sorting through my e-mail right now to get some phone numbers because these are vital to the trip in January to Richmond, Virginia.
     You can also help by grabbing up Dirty Black Winter as well as the anthology itself. David Boyer plagiarized me and looking for someone to send me the book via my post office box I am not going to buy from an asshole who goes around stealing from me. I got this anthology that he scammed me on in a museum too and I am looking to make the book available for ipads. I will have this within the update of this blog and will have the pictures going up from the check I got from the Poe Foundation. Those of who stiffled me for the longest time now had failed in getting people to hate me because it is going in my favor now. The book can still be bought in the trade paperback format too for $15.90 that will be linked up tooo for thoses who want the book as trade paperback too. I suggest getting either one of the two because it will give people something to read either way. The other version has a handwritten synopsis. is doing a good thing here and I guess people can read the book now from a phone or ipad -- I hope those people get the print versions too.