Friday, June 28, 2013

while I flesh out two works

I am going to post something that will give these fag macabre writers a run for their money -- I can be just as perverse but more personal with it. So I am linking a personal dark entry from -- it is titled 21 Days. I am working on a novel that is a true tribute to the horror writers who are fathers and son, Richard Matheson and R.C. Matheson, Stephen King and Joe Hill. Those are the four I call to mind here -- Joe is going to influence a lot of writers like his dad does. He is his father's son, talented and imaginative with his approach to horror. I read the bonus short story in Heart Shaped Box -- I will be reading the novel soon. A few writers I appeard with cite Joe Hill as an influence on them. The new short story I am working on is going to give some of the more perveres horror writers a run for their money. It is not erotic horror -- I will never write that sort of thing but it would be my first forray into writing body horror. I always thought about writing that sort of thing for a long time, I did it with Bite of the Spider and lookming to publish this kind of horror when I do my real person horror anthology for I have the guidelines posted and I will not look at male male romance because it is disgusting.
     I am sick of that kind of literature flooding the market -- I don't want to read about two men kissing each other or two women kissing each other, I can see people screaming at the computer calling me a bigot but I am a regular guy and think that is repulsive. I find it morally wrong. It is too much flooding the market and it is flooding the speculative fiction market. That is what I was talking about when I said no alternative romance in the pages of Tabloid Purposes. When I saw the preview of the sniveling brat's novella in the magazine I appeared in I was thankful he wasn't included in the pages of Tabloid Purposes IV. I get pissed off when they flood the inbox with message saying, "take me out now" and he was towards the middle, at the time he was just fourteen and trolling the message boards. I don't want to see anything gay lit for submissions to my anthologies or the magazine -- I am a born again Christian I don't agree with it and will speak out against it. It is not God's desgin for a man and another man to marry nor a woman and another woman to marry. I believe firmly that marriage is a scared vow between one man and one woman before God. The novel will have this aspect -- I am trying to play down the inspirational stuff but focus on the genre nods. I am looking for a genre publisher for the novel when I have it done. I am actually thinking about sending it to Deadite Press. If I co-write with a writer I will send to
      I have I I got a lot of flack and criticism for my no sex policy. I had a lot of sex with women just don't like writing about it -- I don't fuck and tell. I already did the sex and horror type fiction -- I even wrote a sexual mutilation in a story where the guy has his own dick cut off and it was shoved in his mouth as he was crucified upside down. That is something that put me up there with the writers on The House Of Pain. I am capable of the transgressive fiction like Bret Easton Ellis but I am not influenced by him. I wrote a story like that n Dirty Black WInter called FUCKBEATER a psychological horror story where one of the characers get their throat slit with a papercutter. I am capable of very dark and psychotic takes of traditional horror -- the straight version of the author who wrote Fight Club. My memoir has about as many fights as that novel. The new story I am working on might end up having a couple fainters if I read it live. That would be the funniest thing seeing people faint from me reading something really graphic -- the imagery of cockroaches crawling in human flesh might get to some people.
      J.M. Heluk noticed muy extreme stuff in 2002 when I was posting on a site called Thought I am one of the heavyweights in the small press macabre being I can do the truly macabre work where I would make me vomit in the mouth a little bit when I think about it -- I don't portray someone masterbating in a story but I play around with a concept Stephen King did in Survivor Type. The new short story is very depraved for me -- it is a sequel to the short story that broke my journal on diary-x to having a following because of The House of Pain appearences. I appeared there three times -- Dirty Black Winter will have the entries of mine that appeared in the final edition to carry fiction. I met a lot of talented writers on The House Of Pain some are too depraved for me to personally publish but I will refer them to a market that publishes that sort of thing. I suggesed to one writer to tone it down because he wanted to go pro with his work. I am just in the last three years writing extreme material again, the novel is a little moodey with the darkness in there with colorful characters. The short story is very dark like Richard Matheson's Hell House. I am doing a story that has the dark surreal yarn but having my macabre traits -- I am using some fetish imegery for this one, sort of making Marique De Sade puke in his mouth a little bit. The new short story I would send to Deadite Press if they were putting together an anthology. They pulbish cult horror. Dirty Black Winter could had been something I might had submitted for publication there but theyu might not allow The Fandom Writer as the lead story. There are a lot of people in the business that save the most backlash towards The Fandom Writer. Nine years later they still want my blood over this short story. I penned a controversial classic. I did the really dark stuff without being perverse or depraved -- keeping it PG-13 for publications but the new story is an adult horror story.