Friday, July 5, 2013

Graphic Violence

Chiming in on graphic violence in horror fiction, I've been a practioner of graphic violence since the beginnings of being on the internet. My first story had a sexual mutiliation where the dead body was found crucified upside down and his own severed cock was shoved in his mouth. I recycled that death in A Cemetery Dream again in 2000, but I am now playing with themes of self-cannibalism. That alone is going to be something that will be a bitch to place. I am writing a story as a pen name where the characters make fun of gay vampires. I am looking to make the rounds as Lloyd Phillip Campbell too with some publications, but that will be hard to place because it is a work of metafictional horror featuring the cunt behind the defunct Panic Press. This is the first time as a pen name I had a character named "S.E. Cox" I am thinking of submitting this to BizarroCentral for their magazine but they might turn it down because it is too traditional horror for them. It is the first story I write as him that has references of drug use. This is the first time I am getting some payback for what she tried to do to my publishing company three years ago. Both stories are graphic in the horror -- I am talking Edward Lee graphic. I am showing that I am even more graphic than Clive Barker can be.
        In my other blog I talk about trying to find a home for a story that graphic. I am thinking this might be available on smashwords if I can get an account going there. I have Mike Philbin's infamous pen name make a cameo in the story making reference to Chimeraworld being it is the pages where nightmares are made. Gruesome Cargo II wouldn't be out of place in the pages of the first one. I sent it to for consideration and going to write an exclusive submission for Morphues Tales but trying not make it as visceral as Gruesome Cargo II -- story has a lot in common with Survivor Type by Stephen King because of the graphic display of self-cannibalism. The story I am doing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell is equally as graphic and it is critical of gay horror and horrotica. I had this subgenre shoved down my throat by the ex-fiancee when she would read Clive Barker and Poppy Z. Brite, she would say, "Why can't you write a graphic sex scene?" I am working on a toned down story called Fandom Weirdness featuring the character A.J. Poe a character I introduced in The Fandom Writer in 2004. I introduced a character that was his best friend in The Fandom Writer II.
       I link my freebies to the wordpress blog as I post them on,, and On Deviantart I go by my first name as my screen name and I use that site to get a wider readership posting the dark literary fiction stories and the articles. I post my more transgressive works over there too. UncleFossil it is the autobiographical and codexed is my nightamres. I haven't had a nightmare to write about on that journal for the longest time but I use that place for writing samples for magazines to check me out. I am trying to find an illustrator to illustrate Gruesome Cargo II if I have to release it on I am saving that one for longer works. I am trying to get placed in a bigger place to piss Brian Keene, Mary Sangiovanni and the skullvines staff off because the cunts like to edit my comments to pass me off as a crazed fan and a fan fiction writer in the Will and Grace fandom -- fuck that shit, that is gross gay shit. Who the fuck they think I am Tristan Wilde -- the nonfiction faggot blogger on I will not even look at that gross gay shit. I was glad I didn't include Kody Boye when I found out he wrote that gross gay shit. Bandersnatch Books were all a bunch of flaming male cocksuckers who like to have a load ejaculating in their ass.
       None of the founders on Bandersnatch Books have a legit publishing history selling work to magazines in the small press and their leader Scott Colbert took a ripe shit on my anthology that is a museum in print on without even reading it. He likes to read about vampires that take a trobbing cock up their ass. Colbert is a faggot that needs to find a new hobby than to ruin my publications and sabotage contributors for being in the magazine. He is just mad because I don't look at gay horror for the publication. His novella sucks -- I can do better than that without aeven trying. I don't like to read about graphic displays of men taking cum up the ass, that is disgusting. I find lesbianism just as gross and don't want to read about it. I am critical of the GLBT community because they are corrupting the youth. The reason I refused to look at that content is because I didn't want to go against my beliefs to put an anthology together. One contributors after he was pulled from the book came out as gay and said my career is going tank just before I sold my work to other magazines. These so called writers insult every magazine I was ever published in or sold work to. Skullvines insulted withersin for publishing my nonfiction. I didn't promote the issue I was in with Dark Gothic Resurrected was the inclusion of Kody Boye's serial novella and I am glad I didn't publish him because writes horror with all male romance -- gross man I really didn't want to read that.