Friday, May 6, 2011

.org is live

I am pleased to finally announce this. The domain in some part, is now live, right now I trying to get the gate page looking pretty damn cool. I am sending the submission guidelines of my planned anthology to some newsgroups because it would be interesting to see what kind of stories I'd get for this. I am looking for dark, true stories told from a first person's point of view -- if it is about someone you know, work with them on the story because this might give some chilling insight. The title will not be made public because I don't want pyromaniac or the theif from the British Isles going around stealing it. It is clear that none of them clearly can't come up with an original idea for something of that nature. There is something posted now about the incident that happened over here, but no names of the locals or the region is mentioned in the story.
      It was written last night, but if one wants to straggle into reading the story it's public but the profile is viewed by friend's only over there. I've been doing a lot of stories with the real-life aspect that I've became rather known for. The one story I sent around to a few people as the test story for this anthology is going to be part of it. I will not be working with with the main anthology because one author has a class action lawsuit going with them, but I will be looking into a low or no cost print on demand place for this anthology if they let me merge the pdf files for the book first. I am working on a brand new short story and this is in the vein of something Edgar Allan Poe wrote titled Words With A Mummy, well the idea intrigued me enough to look into some urban legends in my area of Chicago.
      I am trying to see if I can sell this story for enough to go into my security deposit. (I am looking for an apartment back in Chicago, I want the Chicago address because it will help with getting something really going there as a publisher.) Well the one story I am working on, I want to make it top out at about 5600 words -- much as the nonfiction story I penned for the anthology project I am pitching. I have a few createspace accounts and turns out they were my ex-publisher with Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. Well I found that someone also did a listing for Lake Fossil Press trying to say they were In Charge, well when I get the domain fully operational I will be setting the record straight. A few around would say I am libeling the publishing company when I am the one who is telling the truth. I proved the pyromaniac a liar when I did the one video and also dealing with a bitch who goes around calling me a damned retard.
      Well I just love it when I get some high profile encouragement, a writer from my teen years I grew up watching his work on television said he liked one of my nonfiction stories. Coming from him this meant a lot to me, it shows I can carry myself there and do this in a way that can give H.P. Lovecraft a run for his money in the realms of fiction. I doubt that Sammi E. Cox can do a scary nonfiction story if her life depended on it. Being that she lacks a professional publishing history or a semi-professional one for that matter. I have a few stories I am looking to submit out, but the ones I want to submit to I need to plunk down $20.00 just so they can have a look at the thing -- that is the creative nonfiction market for you. It's hard to break into that field. It is hard because they give you a particular subject for the journal and that's about it -- I wish they had some that had no particular concept or theme so I can send the stories to them. My book Dirty Black Winter will have a few of these type of stories in there too.
      A new highly controversial book released (waiting for the proof copy to come home,) a newly christenned website for the imrpint, and still looking for some remaining spots on Issue 13 -- I want to make this one special too because of it's being the anniversary issue. I want to make this at least 240 pages, better still 260 pages. I also want to state that this month is the anniversary of my official website (it grew with me) -- this will show a lot of people coming on here how old that site is, it's from the second era. I still can't believe my website is actually fourteen years old, that's a milestone for a website -- and Lake Fossil Press is seven years old on my birthday while the magazine will be six. The nonfiction project I am looking to do a huge broadscope of scary true stories from a first person point of view. Trying to picture if Edgar Allan Poe wrote true stories as dark as his fiction. What I am looking for is a lot of possibilities for this one, the subject matter is limitless in terms of true stories there. But the no sex rule and the no gay rule is in effect because I want to keep this anthology an R rated project but not a pornographic R.
      As a few dickheads out there claim that I was killed by neighbors or committed into an asylum -- sayin the magazine is closed because of this. I hate to say it that they are in for a rude awakening when the magazine goes to print within the month. I will also do blogs on my insanejournal which is called Psyche of a Bipolar. The one thing that blogspot I like about it is they have a huge tolerance of what can be said, but at the same time it's got this nasty side where people can blatently violate copyrights on stories. As some people have no respect for a man's titles of newly written works -- that is something that Cox showed a blatant disrespect for over the years. When a publisher lacks that kind of respect they will not be around a long time.