Monday, May 2, 2011

due to the vandalizing

I have the magazine listing found here, some jokers who are in their thirties really lack some true maturity and I am guessing one of the immature bastards are going by the e-mail address of I am also guessing that this is the same person who goes around with a sick fancination with chocolate milk. I am not ten years old anymore so I prefer adult beverages. I get sick of the idiots taking the magazine listing and using it for their own toilet by making it into something it's not. I am staying away from other blogs because a lot of them will talk and see what they can come up with to smear someone.
      This place had a denial of service attack, so I am keeping my cool but there are a lot of things that will turn to shit at times. The listing now is somewhere that it can't be vandalized but if you want to harass John Alexander you can do so by facebooking the loser, or e-mailing him. Ask him where he found certain forums to do what he did. The person goes also by the name of Federick Back. I am sure a few people would love write the guy via e-mail asking him why he goes around with a fake domain of a magazine that's now in it's sixth year.