Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dirty Pool is done ... but a crisis mode

I have to find a paper who'd read this and they'd understand what's going on. I need to get this to my doctors -- this is downright insane. I know it was someone from Finland who sent this to everywhere and Sammi E. Cox was in on it. This book needs to get to every paper in the area and every paper in the area where she lives. This will be available on . I am living out this and they know where I go all of that. Christ. I haven't gone over to many message boards lately or anything like that. I have to find some room mates and find them fast. They dragged my family into it and posted these fliers that I am a menaces. I know who did it -- the one from Finland. One thing is this -- I need to get this book in the hands of anyone who will listen. Damned if you say something, damned if you say nothing. I can pin point where Sammi E. Cox started bullying me. This is just plain messed up. I need to find someone who can believe me about this -- with the model thing I wasn't going to lure her into a cemetery, as what the idiot impersonating her said. I was trying to set the record straight here.
   ;  If the community reads this blog, leave my family alone. I can point you to someone who is really behind the insanity -- where they got my picture from for these so called fliers I don't know. I need to get Dirty Pool to at least 20 newspapers -- two in the area, ten up north then to the papers in the UK. I am nervous about this whole damn thing, I should known that bastard from Montreal was behind all of that. I don't need this, not now. If they want to come after me -- come after me, but leave my family alone. I don't want them caught up in this. This is my mess, i am going to clean it up. If I am truly a menace to society as they say, I will talk to someone who can help me. I am not sure who will be willing to listen because this is way beyond anything I would make up -- it's too insane. I don't know what to make if it -- I want to see where these fliers are posted at. These ones who go around saying I stole these titles, how could I steal them if I wrote them.
      I have to think, writing these new projects but I have to do a blog to think about everything that's weighing down on the situation. What I was giving the model was inspiration for a story she was going to write, then when I tried to explain what this joker did to her she threatened a lawyer on me. If they do read my blog here, I want them to realize I am not a monster. I am not a sex offender -- I would never touch any minor in that sort of way. It's not in my nature. The weapon against libel is truth. So is part of the reason why I have to getDirty Pool out there. This is time for damage control, I have to clean this up and as disturbing as it is, I have to do an interview with ten papers and try to e-mail the papers near where Cox lives to show them what kind of person she really is. Cox terrorized me a hole year. I am studying the stamps -- trying to figure out where they're from. I wish the community knew I was in the hands of a bully from international waters. This is bullying from the US Mail -- and she did this just to make it where I can't go anywhere without someone wanting to shoot me now.
      The stickers are clearly not from the United States. I am using my skills as a journalist to investigate this and I want to know why the hell would they go out of their way to do this sort of thing? According to the picture there were sixty-two letters. that means I need to get a bigger paper involved to help me find where these are from. I need help finding where the stamp from because if someone would go through all that to get me stalked on, I don't know what the hell I can do. If anyone reads this blog can get me to a post master general, they can help me find where the stamps are from. They want my blood for this book, well I am going to let the press read the book on me. Getting that book out there is something I must do. Keep low yes but also look to find out who was behind this. I am trying to see where those stickers are from. I am looking for stamps I am looking for the sticker and trying to get down to the bottom of it.