Friday, February 11, 2011

Fight Fire With Fire

Right now I am currently doing new material and attending a funeral for one of my blogs, because one author got really pissed off what I said. I have a new story, this one is going to be on me. I don't mention any names, just their personalities in charater. And the last month and few days, I've been majorly tormented by an asshole from Quebec. What's really pissed me off about him is that he would not only personate me, the little dick impersonated and aspiring model. That shows what kind of moral fiber that fucker has.
     He's the kind of person who would knock up their own mother. This bastard was part of a cult called The Church of Subgenius, whatever the fucking hell that is. This fucker earned a spot as a horror target (yes Martin I am going to use your fucking name in the story. You should have never fucked with my family, especially my sister. If anyone in Quebec sees this son of a bitch, call the authories in Montreal. In other words, dick for brains, welcome to hell.)
     This one was the biggest shitbag of them all. You can smell his heart a mile away, because it is a heart of shit. In their perfect world, they want to see me retire and put the pen down. That's not going to happen, and that video I did when I was out in 2008 -- I am going to set the record straight with that. That was at a hostel, not any hostel but the one I would stay at when I am make a four day trip out of it. That proves him wrong, Martin Jolicouer, made the claim that I never leave the house. Aside from going to the doctor. I am actually battle torn by this bastard, especially when he went for the sick photo game -- I already know about tub girl, pal.
     Some people who deal with a crime on the world wide web, some people hide behind not having a name or having a face such as underhill242. I am trying to report this one to AOL because he's abusing their service. I've exposed this kind many years ago, and he's a sock puppet of someone else. Martin Jolicoeur emplys sock puppets. This asshole is like expose the card and THe Crusty Rail. One author murderd my blog, I am on a waiting list right now for another wordpress based blog. I am trying to find out if they can make the press row layout in black and grey. As much as I am self-proclaimed old school webmaster who used to hang out in the computer lab, trying to see who could make the most shocing website.
     I've dealt with his kind, and one person tried to get a media blackout on my ass. Giving up is not an option, nor retirement. What I did in 1999 according to Andy Hogan (this guy is a true gravedigger, I this is what I call the followers of my website who've been good to me over the years.) As of right now, I have a few ideas in mind when it comes to these losers. I wrote something exclusive to another site called Unwanted Publicity, which is the true horror this bastard unleash. You bastards do a canned hunt.
     As some of my friends from Iowa would say, "Stupid people, bullies should never flurish then smear someone everywhere they go just because I got one page yanked -- check this out, the listing for my dark literary magazine is back to the rightful owner. Pull out the video, the liars shut up fast. I got someone on my side there, I might recruit someone to help keep an eye on the listing every now and then just in case there's a goon infestation.
     When that sad fuck called AngryInIllinois, called me at 2 in the fucking morning on my birthday to start shit. So in revenge I posted cell on the listing of the magazine. I was encouraging visitors of the listing to really rip the sad shit a new one a new asshole. Some on here might not be handle the raw language, but been using hard profanity since I was a kid. If my parents wanted to know where I first learned how say "fuck," I didn't learn it from watching a movie. I actually learned this offensive word when I was reading JAWS for the first time.
     Well, moving on. Forgive me for the profanity, but something like this is compared to getting kicked in the soft bits. Being the Encyclopedia Dramatica page is torn down, libeled me really hard. That's part of the reason I had such a hard time selling my own collections or anthologies. But when they do pick something up, they would try to get it in the hands of a heavy metal band to read on tour. So with this bastard, Martin Jolicoeur (keep smiling asshole the next picture you will get is a mugshot looking right at the camera and then looking to your side. Your name will no longer exist and you get called by a number. I know this because my early readership are the prisons.) When this one blogger said I was at the hospital with the police looking over me, that was in December 2008. I was snowed on my medicine, and they wanted me to be alert.
     All in all, the past month I was living out a true nightmare with this loser. What pissed me off even more is he actually impersonated a model who knows someone who met me back when I did my book signing in 2007. Where the faceless is trying to say I need to be locked away someplace, yeah I heard that before I also heard the term vacation in that tone. There are just some things that one doesn't say around someone who is open about struggling with a mental illness. If I get really mad, I will swear and swear hard. Where my listing isn't messed with grown adults just like little kids, yes it's sort of like that. Fucking people!
     For the misconception about going to a Chicago White Sox game for my birthday -- I wanted to go out for my birthday, sort of a tradition I had sine I was nineteen entering my 20s. I learned how to be off-the-huff in high school. One teacher told a student not to bite his head off. I cracked, "Which one." So when I go out like I do, I am just being a normal guy or try to be normal. First impressions are something that's a key and Mr. Jolicoeur be kissing his freedom farewell because he did something rather fucked up.