Thursday, January 24, 2008

breaking in a new computer

Before you assholes who said I was kicked off the internet can celebrate, I did just get a new computer and one story is salvaged out of the whole mess when lightning it the computer I edited Tabloid Purposes II and IV on. I am working with a new operating system so I am figuring out the learning curve with the thing and when that is done I will start with the uploading of new photos and they will be in private for close friends or for a couple short stories that were brewing around in my head. It was an interesting new year for me to say the least, and had a blast too -- I found one of the magazines I was published in at a bookstore up north and same with an older back copy of the Ethereal Gazette was in the store there too.
     I have to order up a program version of Paperport because everything I have now needs to be compatable with Vista that means I have to get a new video camera too unless there is a way around that. My writing will be back in order too when I get this going. My master copies of everying where on the j-drive and lost The Drive By Ghost. I hope I can find one of the draft versions that my former room mate sent me via e-mail to work on because I will be re-writing one story too and found all my paper manuscripts from them. One story is in my e-mail too that got published. Yes I am getting more stories published too but I found myself clashing with a faggot from Chicago who blasted me on Motherfucker don't know the rule of not blasting someone who lives too close to punch them in the head. If I got that in 1997 instead of the recent years I would have been pounding on him, but it is not worth going to jail over.
     I noticed that The Rusty Nail is up to bullshit again in the new year but I am trying to make the first part of the new year the most productive and I had to cancel the Class in Session anthology because of my major system crash. The little fuck will see his blog go to hell the moment I get the vista going to my liking. The computer I have now is a Compaq after having a gateway for the last seven years. I am going to invest in a Laptop too so I can do my short stories on the road too, and thinking how much it would cost for WiFi too. I am going to be paying my cousin back for this computer because it didn't cost as much as my one I used for Tabloid Purposes II -- I am going to have two computers if all goes well maybe three. I began to realize I am a person who almost needs three computers just to keep lake fossil press running, I am not about to close the company either but I am going to plan a make up anthology for Class in Session because of the reason the computer died was an act of god sort of thing. I am glad I got the sixth issue done when I did and I am drawing up issue seven's guidelines (the local author special.) I am not out of the publishing business, not by a fucking longshot. Rusty Nail -- one suggestion to you, drink bleach you sad faggot.