Wednesday, June 27, 2007

House Cleaning and now official blog

Since Xanga decided to delete my blog because I went and told someone to blatently to fuck off. I will continue using this blog now and the updates to the book are going as planned. Comments will not be allowed on this blog and I am reworking my main website since the host is closing their doors to free hosting so I am moving the site back to where one of the 2002 incarnations of the site resided but this time I am doing everything as PDF format. I am sure some of you who want to blame someone for closing down my Xanga Blog it was because of an obsessive anti-fan bitch named HorrorGal.
I am still doing my blogs at Myspace and won't say the same thing twice on each one but I will say I am still working on Tabloid Purposes IV. I will also put this in the open that someone who goes on as The Dime Dropper had clearly tried to get me pulled from another magazine and he got bitchy about it when he was strugged off. It also seems like it burns their ass that I am getting published still and one bitch of a faceless coward got me fucked over almost on another publication. That didn't fly with me, and he decided to link up various information on the story that did get published.
I think it is rather shitty what some people would do just to discredit someone, more the reason I am doing this non-fiction book because I know it needs to be out there. And there will be always be bloated sows like HorrorGal out there who are going to constantly shoplift someone's works. I begin to think that she actually downloaded mp3's of copyrighted tracks on Napster too when that was a site that Metallica got stopped -- now I understand why they did it. My works got pirated repeatedly by fucks like HorrorGal and her crowd. I won't stop writing despite it.
This blog will be started new again, just a continuation of what I did on Xanga. People like HorrorGal and Girlvinyl are amoral sacks of shit, pieces of white trash, and what makes it worst in the case of HorrorGal is that she is a mother of two. What kind of example is the bitch setting for her kids, that it is okay to steal and okay to ruin someone's career. Well it figures as much because she's submitting to faggot's magazine who leaked my vampire story.