Saturday, July 11, 2015

See For Yourself...

I will say this much I can show you what's now back online; it was a year ago since I was thrown off but not before I gave them a nice parting shot. Go hang on pinterest if you want what I got back online; as I am working on getting The Condensed Volumes as that might be a good candidate as an Outskirts Books release. I am happy to say I do have a new solo release out there and waiting a year plus for the rest of my ensemble project; well I know one thing it's worth the wait when everyone is in play and in place.
     I wish Blogspot does have a feature where you can do a cut tag like wordpress, or InsaneJournal though I am happy to say I got my new collection ready to go and got my second collection re-issued. Now I hope this one gets a second life on with a new story in that collection An Urban Gothic Tale which didn't seem too out of place on that one -- though there are stories in there that have the strong language to keep the faithful coming back for more. The fourth collection as I am going to get the third collection back online shortly as I found all graphics I used originally to create this book and one aspect that really had me thinking how to do the introduction to play up the existence of Collectives In A Forsaken Metascape. If you want the second collection you could go here; Metascape is not recommended for children under 17 because it's very dark and nasty. I will promise this with my readers they are not going to be paying for air when it comes to my work. They will see a physical book either of my own work or anthologies I edit though with Karen Koehler you are paying for air.
     Same case with J. T. because she shelled out a half grand or $800 to publish her book in 2008. You're getting ripped off and the tools I have I can merge pdfs and all that to allow me to work with who I work with now. After returning to the fold; I wish those tools were in play in 2007 or 2008. Persona is a plaything to them as I will go back to what Koehler pulled on as Robert L. Baupder plagiarized Stygian Dealer. She's lying for him too as Brian Keene also did. When it comes to my work; your are not buying air. I have the freebies and my print exclusive; don't judge my print exclusives on my online reads or blogs because it's a different style all together. With Pathogen on his night club events you're paying for air dude. So tell me what would you rather have -- a museum that comes to your home for $8 more than what you're paying to get into Matt's event or something you can carry with you wherever you go that's a conversation piece at one of his events.
     That would be the very real DJ Pathogen from the story Media Darling musical plagiarist. He makes a mockery of artists as Matt (Caustic) apologized to me because of the damage he caused in 2007 and been plagiarized because of the scandal that unfolded after this. What Brian Keene and Karen Koehler had done by denying I was plagiarized is on par to denying The Holocaust occured. This is not an online slapfight when you plagiarize someone that's an invitation to a brawl where the plagiarist will come away missing a few limbs. Media Darling was born out of the rage that I had when I read about the Mom because Pathogen would had harassed someone into killing themselves as he's a follower of that it-of-a-bitch Chris Korda.