Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to alienate your readers

Those of you who are readers of Cherie M. Priest -- I am going to show you how she aliented her readers; especially one who had a signed copy of her original version of her first book. I guess she was pissed off when I flat out said that is the last book I will ever own of hers -- give that readership to the namesake rosters. Especially the most personal one -- I will explain something with the Craig character his name is Craig Ryan Holzner -- he doesn't have a last name in the story but I am revealing who he is here. He goes by his first or his middle name as he answers to both. I guess Shock Totem became a rival now; and I welcome the spirit of competion as I love becoming the competition; it's what I am really good at. Those of you who want to be a part of the project I am doing and you fall within the era of my memoir. Just as long you're not a homo -- sorry I have my standards. I had a kick watching the ones who political correctness is encompassing their identity and those are ones -- the males need to have their balls cut off. Especially when you throw accuzations about me abusing my son and beating my ex-fiancee; I would never hit a woman. The ones who thrown this accusatin out there are the ones who are openly plagiarizing my work too. I am coming on here every niow and then but I am more active with That blog is a little more explicit and I am more indepth with my blog entries over there.