Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Damned Sandbox Politics

Well new blog is posted on and a site that I was following has me listed as going to be featured with them too and they are showing interest in my five year memoir, An Eye In Shadows, finally an audience that will give this book it's proper justice. (The recent blog on has an embedded article that got shared; which I think this is cool this article I wrote in 2008 is getting some traffic.) I am just sick of the fucking accusations that are thrown at me and someone threating to plane ram my blog and integrity, and I think this website can help me get my ensemble line up I want to do because I think these egomaniac shitballs need to be kicked in the balls to realize they are pussy whipped in the sense of their identity being politically correct. Also if you want to submit to The Ethereal Gazette -- my guidelines are live on I told someone take that five pointed star and shove it up his ass -- liberal cocksucker; I am sharing that tweet with you here because someone is screaming "religious intollarence" when a comment like that. Don't call me my short name with a "y" at the end and you would't get an insult like that. I got a lot of insults about being a Christian and been called a "Bible Basher." I have an insult a little nastier than this -- it's known as "replika" or "replica" when someone has no thoughts of their own when they are a Christian; when some need to really unloosen their ties in this sense of the word. That was the first time I told someone to take their five pointed star and shove it where they defecate.
     I wonder if how many times if I was on Television I would find myself getting bleeped because I had said "fuck"well that is our favorite word at Lake Fossil Press -- and you see me flipping off Edgar Allan Poe's foster father's headstone. I am dealinv with this loser known as StinkyCat/StankyCat who is saying she would burn my books on when she's at the museum as she along with another troll tried to steal the name of my fanbase called The Pacione Collective; my roster and my fanbase know not to call me "Nicky" as that is bound to be a deal breaker if you're going to submit to my publications. Also I am planning an impromtu speed project of a 220 page novella compilation featuring horror writers. I don't care if you're established or new -- first time or seasoned veteran wanting a home; just as long it doesn't deal with homoerotic content of any kind and I will look at it. My story Legend Keeper will be a part of this unnamed project but if you want to give this a shot I am looking for Gothic Horror. (1980-present.)

I want StinkyCat as that its what it calls iself to sit down and look at my playlist as I have this on my blog. You're not going to find a single glam metal band that's flat out shallow as hell -- I heckled a UK based glam metal band for being shallow; as they wanted to play this style now. When I wanted to form a heavy metal band I wanted to merge Testament, Danzig, and TOOL to do a sound that was original but fast -- needed a drummer who had the double kit off the back to pull this off so I can do the guttar thrash roar with the dark bluesy vocals in the doomy/Gothic parts. Those of you who are catching up with me on here want to see something to tie you over until I get Legend Keeper done -- this is a few years old but it's a piece from the 2010s that defines my modern style, Dead Child's Prayer>. Those of you who are wanting to know more about my namesakes -- I speak about both on Stygian Dealer and Legend Keeper flips off Jimmy Swaggert -- the code for him is Johnny Miracle; If I had seen him when I was 12 -- I would have flipped him off as I have first flipped people off when I was 11; I knew what the middle finger was and knew what it meant; and would had said something about his defrocking. Protesting heavy metal publically but in a seedy hotel room cheating on his wife with a lady of the hight. I think I might do an aspect of Legend Keeper making reference to someone getting ostracized and detrocked for heresy. since some of my roster are fans of the band I couldn't get into but respect them now -- I pulled this out for them as they coverd The Trooper; this would been the inspiration for the famous track..