Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bell's PALSY was something that ran my life for a good part of a month. I was online just haven't touched my blog in a while. I updated the store front with the magazines eight issue and looks like someone wants to shoot that down the first chance they get. Bell's Palsy is nothing to make fun of, and the cunt behind The Rusty Nail is making it her "civil duty" to step on my rights. It's my GOD GIVEN right to free speech, and this person is making it a dictatorship. I am a little sore about losing my account but I got something better. paid for things yes but it was just enough for a burger and cola; being able to eat on my articles was something that showed for it.
   I want to see the faggot make fun of this illness without any accord to make him look like the bigger asshole here. I am just excersing that GOD GIVEN Right to speak my mind.