Tuesday, July 1, 2008

you losers..

You son of a bitches, what right do you fucking have to review a story that isn't even done. I am trying to get that story submitted out to magazines you cocksucking queers. I would have guessed this from a bunch of pro-choice extremists. I.O.W.A. isn't the story that's done and I guess Expose-TheFUCKTard is looking to post a pirated copy up. Just because some anime suckoff started to pick a fight with me on my deviantart.com account. I am starting to think that AngryInIllinois had something to do with that one too. The story that I have finished is The Room Mate and looking to get the story placed in a few magazines. For fucks sake let a guy finish the story instead of trying to pirate the damn thing. I am guessing that they both go into a movie theater with a video camera assuming that it's the official DVD of the movie before the movie has a chance to get its audience. Let I.O.W.A. get its place in a magazine. People like ExposeTheTard support piracy in every form too -- it wouldn't surprise me if they try to get the first run movies and steal those too. You review a story that isn't even finished yet. Fucking cocksuckers - fuck you damn rights to marriage. I am voting to make sure you never get them. It's the cocksucker that burned my anthology that did this kind of review, the asshole had no right to do that. FUCKER -- I hope you got AIDS. Do you fuck your mother in your past time?
          I guess you assholes take turns snorting The Rusty Nail's dead brother's ashes on a mirror because your common sense had been pissed away. FUCKER. I worked three fucking months on that story, for you assholes to rip away just like that. Who the fuck gave them a copy of the story? Which one of you distributed the story? It's not like I had sex with your wife to distribute the story, you have 24 hours to delete the story from your hard drive. I am trying to get that story published you goddamned cocksuckers and Jerrod I am beginning to think you go around buying e-books so you can bit torrent them too. Fuck your company man -- I will take no mind in kicking your poser ass from here to St. Louis because I think you coaxed someone from my circle to give up the story. You conned them with a publishing deal. Mother fucker you have no right to that story. It's bad enough you went pirating one of my books, then you went to burn every book I have -- I got the royalities from them too, don't you fucks feel stupid, I still got the money from it. I guess Angry In Illinois got pissed at the fact they couldn't smear my name in Chicago, so they are going at me by stealing previously unpublished novellas (yes did I mention this queer stole a novella. The very fact I worked months on this story gives it some credit here.) Rusty Nail you better hope to god I don't meet you in person for this one because I will be meeting your headlights on the car with a fucking baseball bat then I am smashing your computer one part at a time or better yet -- charge a $5 a smash on your computer.