Thursday, July 3, 2008

I guess this is a new thing for the asshole commitee.

Stealing new stories when the ones are being rewritten or being expanded. Another author told me to expand the thing so I am listening to them on this. I was originally very sketchy on purpose because this concerns real people, so that is the reason I will not use names in stories like The Room Mate or Damnation Observes. For christ fucking sakes let a man finish the stories and try to let them make the rounds to different magazines before you go around pirating books -- I bet you bastards pirate movies too if given the chance or keep pirated copies of the movie when it just comes out.
      It's the glorfied Sodom And Gomorrah who do this and believe me they are the ones wanting to be remembered but they will be forgotten by the time they turn twenty. Saying that I will be forgotten, I have one thing to ask -- would you want to bet money on that. I already got a betting pool of my own and ponied up the $20.00 to get the pool started. I am not going to take the bait from a sixteen year old male / male slash writing brat. I am just busy trying to get manuscripts done and got a paying editor gig I am doing which finally got that done. The very thought they are pissed about the idea I am publishable.
      I guess Sabledrake needs to take her head out of her ass because all she smells is shit. 41 year old twat thinks there isn't room for a Nickolaus Pacione in this business. That if there were a bunch of Nickolaus Pacione styled writers out there and getting published, that would be her nightmare come true because she writes Harry Potter Slash. I am a slash writer's worst enemy. Believe me when I learned that Boye wrote that shit thank god I didn't have him in Tabloid Purposes IV because he would have tainted the series with his faggotry. The sad thing that people like her shove the Liberal Agenda into the industry so often and when I see more liberal minded people taking over this business it pisses me off all the more. I write science fiction in the near-future so it will allow me to criticise it with a perspective that rips their balls off from a safe distance. The very fact fucks like Sable Drake would go around downloading torrented books like it is favorite past time of hers. YEah I want to see her get pissed off about this kind of post. I think people like that are all over the industiry and just like her there is a cocksucker who stole my photographs and doctored them (violating every copyright imaginable.)