Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Melany you're nothing but a fat pig who gets their jollies off pissing on people's lives who might not have everything. You join with swine who go around pissing on people's lives. LEAVE ME ALONE! What have you got for life, nothing. Just end yours right now. The day your mother died is the happiest day of my life and I am just waiting on your dad to wither away too because he's nothing but a punk.
      You don't even hold a candle to what I've done in my life and I did get published outside of You're going to burn that magazine that I appear in too? I am glad that you left me because you were cramping my style. I just hate you with every bone in my body. You're going to wish all you want to see me locked away but we all know that I got some of my freedom the day you left me. You still want to slap me across my face for what I am saying here, this is my blog and I can say what I wish when I wish. You hold no control over what I say or what I do. Maybe that son isn't even mine.