Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just seems that book burning is perfectly okay with the trolls so I am not going to stoop down to their level. The whole thing with burning books takes it off the computer and do it a level that's rather personal. What makes me sick is what some from the groups of the disabled are celebrating it like it's a fucking holiday. I got one of their accounts shut down because they did a repeated copyright theft.
   Yes I am talking about the person who calls himself sexyboyfriend. FUCK OFF mother fucker, it seems that it was less than a year ago those videos popped up but at the same time they didn't go viral at the process of posting them. If they want to rebutt this they are more than welcome to do so but do so by showing their face on video instead of being a coward.
   I am willing to put Kevin Defeckt on the spot here what if your band's CD was crushed under a truck on video. That is the very same thing you assholes do on a regular basis by burning my magazine, and some the contributors saw that and it pissed them off to no end. Saying I am retarded I am a lot smarter than that, don't dismiss my intellect with having a mental illness. Pathogen had made that mistake many times over and it's making him look even dumber than most in the Chicago area.