Tuesday, June 3, 2008

calling me amoral when I don't hide.

Seems like no matter what happens in the business, there will always be those types who have a real lack of professionalism. I write it off as them just being human, and in that some editors in the business should never be editors. I won't name names here but they are a pair of editors from Canada who have a habit of talking down on Christian authors. I am not a sexist or anything like that but I will go on video record dealing with every naysayer involved from the book burning idiots to the ones going and editing my footage like it belonged to them.
     Trying to dismiss me as some printed wannabe author, sorry to disappoint them but they've insulted every publisher ever to run my work with that remark. What I say on youtube doesn't reflect the views of my publishers. If you get offended to the very least there is the power button on your computer.
     Some of these anonymous naysayers do cross the line, and all I am trying to do is get some short stories sold and a legit reader here and there with a non-fiction book. It pissed me off to no end that some of them went as far to pirate the non-fiction book and been disrespected in the business for way too long. I am not naming names in the video but they already know who they are in this business.
     The fact some of them went on like this for way too long and went out of their way to try to convince people that I stole my story ideas when everything I've written is mine. Even when I did The Statue that was my own idea, though I borrowed some of the delivery from Twilight Zone fan fiction.
     I know how I am, and these people think they could wear me down. Sorry, but I got stories to work on and anthologies to edit. Stifling an author and if they are an author themselves, especially when they got published by an author I did a book signing with a few years back. Not mentioning names here but doesn't that reflect back on the editor of that book?
     The very idea the ones who should be celebrated are the ones who bow to false Gods, it is safe to say they do worship graven images. I didn't go into hiding, just I didn't want to waste my batteries and memory cards on people who like to hide behind the fact they are always anonymous in the fact they burn books on youtube.com. I would love to imagine if a teenager caught wind of that video and decides to burn a house down.
     History is something they like to forget. Those who forget history are fucked to repeat it. The very idea these writers who stifle the shit out of me are often the ones who aren't even major in their respective field. I mentioned one or two writers by the kind of book they wrote in my non-fiction book, their name wasn't mentioned but the person liked to say I got negative talent when I respectively sold stories to noted magazines over the years.
     I refuse to allow some 'editor' to talk down on me like I am a little kid. Hell I treat most editors more professional than what these Leisure rosters like to treat me. It reminds me why I buy books from authors who are published on Iuniverse.com and PublishAmerica.com authors . They don't hide anything when they write their books.
     I am not a slouch, and when I am unscripted when I do videos. It shows I am human. What have my publishers done to you? Nothing. All they did was publish a short story of mine, and I had to compete with a hell of other people to get in the magazine.
     The ones who've ran that so called "message board" are not immune by what I am going to say here. I am just giving all of you a better reason to hate my guts if anything. I am not about to let some false god worshipping bimbo talk down on me like I am some fucking kid, she reminds me of a cunt from Gothic.net that used to fuck Mike Lovell. Some of these message board posters pissed away all their common sense. When they know they are the type of people who have morals or pissed their morals away. I haven't gone into hiding, I am just too busy writing to deal with you. The two editors I am not naming here but they know who they are, I will address them as backwater white trash.