Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mirrored The Curator's Notes

Since the King James Only Movement is trying to put a bug under my ass I decided to do some formatting to my museum curator's notes as this is my namesake anthology mission statement. I am going to be writing a Lake Fossil Press Mission statement as well for Facebook.com. I have a new story up too and had been able to embed my postings from Google Plus finally to Tumblr.com and able to get them seamless and what not. I have a new short story I am working on that's about 5700 words and it's larger than The Pattern of Diagnosis.
     I got all my authored works from when I was with Lulu.com back online which is a good sign all I am waiting for is the introduction for the project I started on Linkedin.com as this is 185 pages without the introduction and will be about 194 pages for an anthology and it will match Issue 10 in the page count.
     I will say this much with the new stories -- I seen a few rejection letters that are very encouraging as in one asked for something else of mine. I got the "not quite for us" rejection letter which is encouraging if you ask me. Well I was looking at the articles that alleged author Megan Fox had a meltdown in The Evolving Earth Exhibit at The Field Museum; is that exhibit still going on? Well I am featured on Gutenberg with a new short story Yest Ye Become One. I seem to be a lightning rod for King James Onlyists these days ans I had banged heads with a couple of them it's bound to happen too from time to time. Nut at the museum vs. the mind behind a horror anthology that became a museum -- I invited her to audit this one to see if she could.

You guys are featured on the curator's section speaking about my namesake anthology along with a documentary about Edgar...

Posted by Nickolaus A. Pacione on Tuesday, August 11, 2015